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So I like the Osprey Black ops rules and have been messing about with writing rules for Zombies to go with the rules. So here they are.

The Doc (7.5pts)
ACC 6, CGC 3, DED 3, Save 4, Ace
Tought, Medic

The Brute (9pts)
ACC 6, CQC 4, DED 3, Save 4, King
Tough, Resilient

Zombie (4.5pts)
ACC 6, CQC 4, DED 3, Save 4, Jack

There not competitive, and are really more about being used as the "guards" in stealth missions. Or as a third NPC faction while the 2 players face off. But i thought they would make for a great way to make missions harder or set them in a post Zombie outbreak setting. Been trying to decided on how to do the "fatty" and the "spit'er" Was thinking a Zombie with an IED and one with a grenade for the Spit'er but not sure yet. Going to play test them soon.

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