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Made in ca
Frenzied Juggernaut

Hi people ! I'm interested in starting BoC. What do you think of this list ?

++ *Old* *Pitched Battle (1,000)* (Chaos - Beasts of Chaos) [990pts] ++

+ Battalion +

Battalion: Brass Despoilers []: Brass Despoilers,


. Bullgors: 3 Bullgors, Bullgor Great Axes, Warherd Banner Bearer, Warherd Drummer

. Doombull: 1. Cleaver of the Brass Bull, 2. Rampant Juggernaut, General

. Gors: 2x 10 Gors, 2 Gor Blades, Banner bearers, Brayhorns

. Gors: 2x 10 Gors, 2 Gor Blades, Banner bearers, Brayhorns

+ Allegiance +

Allegiance: Beasts of Chaos

++ Total: [990pts] ++

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Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Hmmmm, I'm on the fence about that being Beasts of Chaos instead of Blades of Khorne. For the price of 20 Gors you could get a Bloodsecrator in there for extra attacks on everybody, and I feel the Blood Tithe is superior to the Beasts bonuses. Though the Herdstone can be a good backfield monkeywrench in enemy plans.

It's an expensive battalion to be sure for a 1000 point game. I might recommend dropping the Ghorgon for a small game, and take 3 more Bullgors with great axes.....with the Doombull as general the Bullgors become Battleline if you go with Beasts of Chaos allegiance.

If you go with Khorne, the Gors are battleline anyways so you're still good there.
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