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Black Crab Miniatures season 2 Grim dark fantasy/sci fi civilians now plus FREEBIES [KICKSTARTER]  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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As well as running Meridian Miniatures for the last 6 years I have been involved in the wider miniatures hobby in my spare time. As I explained in my last Black Crab campaign, after browsing Instagram I came across the artwork of @blackcrabart and knew that I had to sculpt miniatures based on his incredible artwork. This time, by popular demand I'm back with a bunch of civilian figures, the "necropolis scum".

Again I have decided to set up a modest Kickstarter to fund their production and enable people to get their hands on them. I'd like to thank Moritz @blackcrabart for allowing me to use his artwork, check out his work on Instagram.

The first 20 backers to select "early bird" rewards will receive a unique linocut designed and handprinted by Moritz himself.


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Funded and then some!

I've added an exclusive art print as a freebie to all "whole set" backers.

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Hi guys, not having anticipated such a runaway success I hadn't planned a lot in the way of stretch goals so I had a chat with Moritz and came up with some ideas.

I've started sculpting a new figure as a add on for you "The Watchman"

Here is Moritz's artwork followed by my initial armature. Obviously there is a lot of work to be done to this but I'm confident that given my track record you'll be happy to add this figure based on what we have to show so far.

If you want to add it just adjust your pledge total by £6. This figure will probably be cast in metal given it's fragile nature, just so you know. I have another similar figure idea up my sleeve should we fund enough plus freebies to announce soon!

Thanks all.
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We've raised so much already that I can now afford to give some freebies away. A while back Moritz created a deck of cards, the "Homonuli". I really love the artwork for these little guys so have decided to get some realised as miniatures. Take a look at the armatures. along with the art.

These diminutive fellows will be completed and added to all "full set" backer's rewards once the campaign is complete, no need to adjust your pledge. More to come too if we continue to fund at this rate.
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I backed this *quickly*, and just wanted to pop in and say that the minis from the first Black Crab Mini KS are exquisite - great casts, really crisp, and the sculpts are terrific. Really looking forward to this!
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