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Hey there!

First of all, all the cards on the table - a lot of my posts here are gonna be pulled straight from my posts on the Star Breach painting and modelling forum. But, fear not, I'll be pasting it all here. I'm not gonna be the guy who just posts a link and leaves. Nobody likes that guy (and I'm sure I'd be crushed if I found out someone on the internet didn't like me!)

My goal here is to create an Intergalactic Marshals warband using the C3 sprue from Warlord Games, and whatever little bits and pieces I have lying around ( https://us-store.warlordgames.com/products/concord-strike-squad-plastic-box ). As a side-note, I highly recommend subscribing to the Warlord Games newsletter - the sprue sales that they run every now and then are a gold mine for cheap minis to use in this game!

For (the vast majority of you, I suspect) who don't know, Star Breach is a skirmish-level wargame set..... wherever you want! The rules are free, fun, and most importantly, allow you to use any miniatures you want! There are 20 different factions to choose from, so chances are your miniature will fit with one of them. Prior to this point I've been playing as the Galactic Empire against my brother's Tau. Ever wondered whether a Crisis Suit can beat Darth Vader in a duel? Well it can't (but give it some fire support from friendly Tau drones and poor Vader is vaporised!)

Anyway, plug over! If you want to check out the game, it has a website (https://www.starbreach.com) and a fairly active Facebook community.

On to the blog!

My first step was to run names through the galactic police database. I spent long hours browsing endless personnel files, but finally, I have my team. This police strike force will consist of:
- An inspiring leader
- Officers
- Senior Officers (think, SWAT troops)
- Cyborg Specialists (**insert dated robocop reference here**)
- And a Breaching Mech

Lacking the confidence to believe my first mini won't end up as a sacrifice to some twisted god of miniature-disasters, I started from the ground up. Because, it is all about the base, right?

As these guys are policemen (super-special-task-force-strike-team policemen, but policemen all the same), I figured they'd be most at home on the streets.

This base is actually REALLY simple to make. It's just cork on a base. The sidewalk is just another layer of cork. The grate is just a piece of cardboard. The whole thing is painted with drybrushes and washes.

Looking at just the base itself, I like the weathered, cracked street more than the clean one. It's far more visually interesting. But I held off on that decision...... let's paint up an officer and see how they look together.

And so I started at the bottom of the food chain. As the first mini of the warband, he obviously needs a name....... let me introduce you to officer Greg.

I want to go with a shiny, clean look to this warband. These guys are professionals, they're not gonna be caught with scuffed, dirtied armour, no sir! Eliminating the scum of the universe starts with your boots.

I'm fairly happy with the paintjob. I think in future I'll make the visor a little more purple, but otherwise, I think the high-contrast of the armour is sort of cool.

As for the base, I found that such a clean, shiny look really doesn't feel at home on a cracked and weathered base. It just didn't feel right - so a clean base it is! (Having said that, I won't be gluing anyone done yet!)

And so it is, Officer Greg marks the formation of this special taskforce (whose name is yet to be formulated. Any suggestions?).

Next up, I'll be working on some senior officers - gotta find me some SWAT shields..........

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Nice vibrant blue on that guy.
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