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Made in dk
Fresh-Faced New User

Building an ork list for upcoming Tournament.

I'm having a Hard time figuring out what clan to choose for the army / detachements.. Deathskull are great allround IMO but I dont know if i can manage with the cc units and the dreadbomb without the ekstra movement and charge range of the suns..

+ what should I do with left over points.. Go evil suns and buy kff for the second big mek? Any suggestions?

Battalion Detachment


+ HQ +

Weirdboy Warpath

[b]Weirdboy . Da Jump

[b]+ Troops +

. 10x Gretchin

. 10x Gretchin

. 10x Gretchin

+ Dedicated Transport +



[b]++ Battalion Detachment

[b] Deathskulls

[b]Detachment CP

[b]+ HQ +

Big Mek (Index) Choppa, Slugga

[b]Warboss Attack Squig, Da Killa Klaw, Kombi-Rokkit, Power Klaw

[b]+ Troops +

[b]Boyz Tankbusta Bombs
. Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
. 9x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

[b]Boyz 2x Tankbusta Bombs
. Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
. 19x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

[b]Boyz 3x Tankbusta Bombs
. Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
. 29x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

Spearhead Detachment

[b]Detachment CP [1CP]

Specialist Detachment [-1CP]Dread Waaaagh!

+ HQ +

[Big Mek W/ Shokk Attack Gun ] Da Souped-up Shokka, Opportunist, Shokk Attack Gun, Warlord

+ Elites +

. Boss Nob: Power Klaw, Slugga
. Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
. Nob: Choppa, Choppa
. Nob: Choppa, Choppa
. Nob: Big Choppa, Kombi-Skorcha
. Nob: Big Choppa, Kombi-Skorcha

. Boss Nob: Rokkit Launcha
. 11x Tankbusta: 11x Rokkit Launcha

+ Heavy Support +
. Deff Dread: Dread Klaw, Dread Klaw, Dread Saw, Kustom Mega-blasta
. Deff Dread: Dread Klaw, Dread Klaw, Dread Saw, Kustom Mega-blasta


Mek Gunz
. Gun: Smasha Gun
. Gun: Smasha Gun
. Gun: Traktor Kannon

[109 PL, 12CP, 1,978pts]

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