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Fresh-Faced New User

Hi Guys,

A couple of friends are I are working on a project to create a tool to keep track of all the miniatures we have laying around in the office studio.
We glue an NFC disk to the bottom of the mini so anyone can quickly scan the ID on a reader and get all the game-specific information needed in games.
Here's a sample picture of what we got so far...

We really like to know what you think and how everyone uses their miniatures.
Please take some time to fill out the short survey below, this would be very helpful for us, thanks!


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Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

Why couldn't you use a much smaller RFID tag?

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Towering Hierophant Bio-Titan

Bristol, England

It seems to be malfunctioning.
Scan a primaris marine and get a picture of a Space Wolf with the stats of Captain Sicarius.

Seriously though, I don't really see the application. There are some decent army builders out there that are easy enough to use.
If the application was for in game use then I'd hard nope it. Keep the tech off the table, wargaming doesn't need it imo.

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Everyone: No.
Oli: But it fits through the doors, Look! 
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Might be more useful if it was a playmat that could scan the minis, calculate distances, maybe do the rolling for you or otherwise track the state of the battleboard (perhaps including "recording" the fight for later playback and analysis.

It never ends well 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

I think your solution is a bit bulky - RFID tags would have been much better. Anything that materially changes the model or its dimensions as this does by raising the height should be avoided. Also, other than when you first start out, I don't think the effort required here to see a model's stats is that useful. Remembering model and weapon stats isn't really all that difficult after you've been playing your army for any length of time.

As a way to figure out stuff like ranges to enemy models it might be an interesting idea but even then it would need to be seamlessly integrated into the flow of the game or it just becomes too disruptive.
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Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for the feedback guys.

A smaller RFID tag is definitely doable; we are just using generic coin cases for tests.

I agree that changing the height should be as minimal as possible since it would affect the weapon's attack angle, storage solution's dimension, and looks on the battlefield. GW minis are great because they have space on the bottom of the base to glue things, but a lot of other games mini come with a flat base so there isn't any other way but to raise the height by a little.
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Fresh-Faced New User


Please help us fill out the survey here.

Thanks for all the great feedback from everyone. We are testing it out with RFID sticker/tag to see how things would work.

We receive a suggestion from players to play a unit's sound effect when scanned.
If there's anything you guys think it would be cool to have, please leave a response here.
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