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Brooding Night Goblin

Allright, to keep the momentum going, maybe also to promo the new mantic here a short battle report.

Yesterday I did a completely-painted-Vanguard game. Including completely painted terrain! It was a sight to behold!
Forces of the Abyss vs Goblins, Scenario #4:
Get the plans of the dead messenger. Search the corpse of the messenger, grab the plans and hold it until the end!

This scenario suited my goblins more, as it seems Goblins need space to maneuver to shine. Heads-on I do not seem to have any chance, on that both my friend and me agree on if I play against abyssals. Which makes quite some of the scenarios an auto-win for the daemons on scenarios with a static objective to hold if he does not make position mistakes...
Maybe this will change with all the new goblin rules coming out now. But from the preview I read on the blog I am not too happy about the direction they took:

A flying machine-unit in a SKIRMISH game? For normal KoW: cool, but here? A bit misplaced for my taste. A puppy shooting mortar? Cool idea, but also more for KoW but not for a highly mobile force... but worst, a normal Goblin WARRIOR who has MORE crushing strength than a Human? The SAME crushing strength that a WARRIOR Ogre has? Really?

Let me guys know what you think about this. Maybe I will start another thread on that. But back to the report!

Scenario begins, my Spitters (Bow-Goblins) [still] have the scout ability, so I start directly at the corpse. I roll one d8: a six! So I find the plans. Now the chase begins! My goblin runs away screeching (a thing Goblins are quite good at), the daemon horde behind.
I lay a few tactical baits out for him to charge, most of which he ignores, but some he takes! He chases me faster than I like, part of it because he only has 5 Red power dice but still manages to get 8 Power Points in the first round! That means rolling whopping 4 6's! This luck continues all the game, he constantly has more power points than me. Anyway, my goblin runs screaming through my lines, I position my units so they will slow him down. His much dreaded Hellequin and Hellequin Blood Mask flank me while he puts his Despoiler into my center. The despoiler is a real BEAST of a unit. From our last game my opponent is too confident. He leaves the despoiler too undefended and charges into my troll ignoring my goblins and leaving them behind.... BEHIND! Big mistake! Never turn your back on a sneaky Goblin! This time, and with combined effort I am able to kill him! My Biggit, buffed with a great weapon helps out to attack in the back together with a Rabble, in the front the very-beaten-up troll barely holding on.
In the meatime, my screeching scared running goblin realizes he will soon be cut of by the flanking Hellequins so he screeches even more makes a sharp turn and runs the other way round.
A few shots in the back also help to decimate his forces. Beginning of 5th and possible last round it is still usure if the goblins can win. My opponent has a hellequin and an abyssal guard able to reach my plans-carrier. but now he has to roll for morale as i have decimated his forces. in order for him to take the despoiler and the two cavs, he needed to take many cheap units which are now dead.
if one or both of his units make the nerve roll they still can turn the tide! he rolls but: the daemons panic and both the hellequin and the guard start to run!
victory for the goblins!

Automatically Appended Next Post:

All in all a great game! We both enjoyed it, and it was such a beautiful sight.

With the new goblin rules coming, I think I will leave my Goblins for now and next try some forces of nature. which i already started to paint but... they are not yet completely ready! maybe i will also try my kingdoms of men, they would be ready but i think they would fare poorly with their bare-bone rules/list against the full-range list of the abyssals.

Btw: i proxied the imps (first image, top right) with some GW models, because they fit thematically and I already had them painted...
[Thumb - family-values-abyssals.jpg]
The abyssal models (not all were in the 200 pts)

[Thumb - family-values-goblin.jpg]
The opposing goblins (also here: not all were used in the 200 pts)

[Thumb - round1-start.jpg]
Round 1: FIGHT!

[Thumb - round2-storm-is-coming.jpg]
2: A storm is coming... run little goblin. Via my wiz-goblin spell i can double-run with the plan-carrier

[Thumb - round2-3-abyssal-cav-force-the-goblin-with-plans-to-rethink-his-retreat-direction.jpg]
2/3: Time for the plan-carrier to rethink his path... abyssal cavalary on the flanks...

[Thumb - round3-4-goblin-retreat-in-center-push-right-flank.jpg]
3/4: Goblins tactically give way in the center and push the right flank

[Thumb - round3-4-troll-barely-clings-to-his-life-and-dukes-it-with-the-despoiler.jpg]
3/4: Troll clings to his life and dukes it out with the Despoiler

[Thumb - round3-abyssals-coming-plan-carrier-shrieks-and-turns-other-direction.jpg]
Plan-carrier shrieks, turns on his heels and runs the other way when he sess the Cav

[Thumb - round5-victory-abyssals-running.jpg]
Round 5: Abyssals start to rout. Goblin victory!

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Made in nl
Crazed Flagellant


You've got a great looking table! What a sight to behold!

And the rewards of a battle fought with fully painted miniatures are great!
Compliments on your success! btw,t hat Bloodthirster really looks impressively nasty. Brr.... I've got nasty memories about that model.

I'm not really into Vanguard, might pick up the rules later and find a few opponents. That said, I'd say your goblins seem to have the advantage in this scenario due to scouting and high mobility. Just pick what you need and run, run, run away! The gobbo way!

That said, there's always a little room for improvement. (sorry, I'm that kind of guy )

While your abyssals have strong themed bases, your goblins do not. Your pics will improve if you paint these bases in the same theme too!

And indeed, I'm guilty of this thing too. See one of these slotted multibases I painted recently:
The bright goblin green bases hurt my eyes and will be repainted shortly. They also don't match the slotted multibase.

One of the things I've learned is that bases generally should have a darker colour than the minis. The bright green colour above distracts from the minis themselves, while a darker colour will not.

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