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Adolescent Youth with Potential


I'm helping a friend train for a fluff tournament. He wanted some decent opposition, so I came up with this. Feedback appreciated

Captain in Gravis Armor
Primaris Librarian
Vulkan He'stan

Intercessor squad (Bolt rifle, aux. grenade launcher, power fist)
Intercessor squad (Bolt rifle, aux. grenade launcher, power sword)
Intercessor squad (Bolt rifle, aux. grenade launcher, power sword)

Aggressor squad (Flamestorm gauntlets)
Terminator squad (Power sword, 3 x power fists, chainfist, heavy flamer)

Heavy Support
Land Raider Redeemer (storm bolter, hunter-killer missile)

Dedicated Transport
Repulsor (Las-talon, Twin lascannon, 2 x krakstorm launchers, Onslaught gatling cannon, 3 x storm bolters, auto launchers)

Tactics are basically to drive up the board and make the enemy uncomfortable because he needs to focus either the Repulsor or Land Raider first, which should enable the other one to get some operating room. I'm hoping to leverage Vulkan's boost to flamers, so he will be travelling with the termies in the Redeemer, possibly supporting Aggressors as well if possible.


Should I scrap some weapon options and use the points to swap Aggressors for Hellblasters?

Should I scrap some weapon options and use the points to get a Primaris Ancient / Apothecary?

Should I consider changing Terminators for Assault Termies, or just regular marines (I don't have any veterans)?

I know Intercessors might be sub-optimal, but I don't have scouts, and my tacticals are pretty limited too (got 1 sergeant with chainsword / pistol, another one with plasma pistol / power axe, as well as 2 flamer guys, 1 melta guy, one plasma cannon guy and 2 missile launcher dudes. Rest are just bolter-equipped tacticals).

Other available options are a Stormraven with melta / hurricane bolters, a Redemptor dread with dakka build and some more HQs / Elite choices (Captain / Primaris Lieutenants / Apothecary / Ancient / Terminator Captain with Hammer / Shield and a Librarian with a Force Axe). Also have a gakload of intercessors if I require more troops. Oh, and more aggressors and some bolter inceptors too.

Thanks for the input!

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