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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

1497 Pts Ad Mech list

Mechanicus Battalion - Mars (776pts)

HQ - Dominus (Warlord) Phosphor Serpenta (Phosphoenix)

TROOPS - Rangers x 5
Rangers x 5
Vanguards x 6
Vanguards x 6
Vanguards x 6

HEAVY SUPPORT - Robots x 4 (Shooty)

Knights Super-Heavy Detachment - Krast (721pts)

LORD OF WAR - Warglaive

This list pretty much explains itself. Against heavy shooting the gallant and warglaives advance up contesting objectives and becoming a threat for charging all while the 4 robots lock down shooting key models all of the board with a 28 skitarii screen. Against heavy melee I keep the gallant and warglaives back as a counter charge against whatever gets into combat with my robots. This list isn't the most competitive list, but I figured to change things up a bit to keep it away from the standard castle play style. What do you guys think? My 2000 points is very similar adding 2 more robots and a total of 40 troops which still gives me around 160 points to spare for possibly the new Ad Mech tank coming out.

Made in gb
Sagitarius with a Big F'in Gun

Not bad.

Consider the following:

1. a Tech-Priest Manipulus instead of the Dominus - 6" additional range on the robots goes a long way...
2. I don't know if you have them but you may wish to drop a couple of points here and there (say remove 6x vanguard?) to include some Transuranic Arquebus on the rangers - character snipers are worth it, and ours are some of the best costed ones available.
3. you may wish to consider a mixed battalion: Mars Manipulus (see point 1) & robots for WoM strat. then your infantry probably Graia for their deny stratagem as you will not gain much benefit for a full mars detachment?
4. you may wish to make the Enginseer the warlord with Necromechanic WLT and run him up behind the knights (if you run him as Lucius (see point 3) you could deep strike in behind the knights when needed) as he can then repair double the normal amount. your other HQ could then take the Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land for a more reliable repair on the robots?
5. posibly consider exchanging 2x units of infantry for a unit of Kataphron Breachers - they make a much tougher meat shield and can occasionally damage incoming light vehicles with Haywire cannons?
6. Alternativly make the warlord the Gallant as the knight codex has much better traits than the AdMech ones?

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Praise the Omnissiah

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Imperial Knights (Valiant, Warden & Armigers)

Some Misc. Imperium units etc. Assassins...

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