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Out forum mate @illumini recently wrote a post about his tricks to teleport Orlaf into enemy territory.


These are very interesting shenigans! What other characters are prime candidates for the teleport spell?

For my abyssals, I'm gonna try a fling-the -efreet list, where the teleport spell goes on a flying champion

My undead might even try the pharaoh again as -instead giving him wings- andother character could teleport the pharaoh where he needs to be.
As both are spellcasters, they can be equipped with short-ranged legendary spells such as blood boil or alchemists curse, which can be used right away. I love the interaction between the teleport and other spellcasters.

My blog on Kings of War:

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Albany, NY

I've thus far heard of teleporting:

1. Funny Bones
2. Orlaf
3. Eckter (to teleport beside a unit hiding in cover and shove it into LOS of shooters)
4. Efreet

Decent thoughts on mobilizing stalling heroes who would otherwise have wings. I do think the wings are better (because charge + later mobility), but tp does help them get literally anywhere, even if you have to wait a turn to charge. I think you're particularly smart to consider spell interactions, ala the Eckters I've seen. Any number of windblast characters could do what he does, and probably better, he just happens to also be a smashy tank as well.

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Spellcasters with short-ranged, but damaging spells are pretty good candidates, as they can theoretically also cast spells first turn. If you go first, you might struggle actually getting them behind enemy lines without running though. Efreet are probably the best of these, but alchemist curse is also very good.

Spellcasters can be hunted down by the cheap combat heroes that many armies bring though.

Combat characters and road-block characters are also pretty good. Blaine can be taken by anyone and bring his own inspiring and he can shoot the first turn. Rhordin can survive a long time behind enemy lines and probably be a pain in the ass. Of course, there are lots of weaknesses with being a slow infantry character. It is fairly easy to run away from you, it is easy to catch them if you have combat characters of your own etc.

Overall, teleport is a great spell, but for many armies, still pretty situational. Brock lords are still waaaay better than teleporting Orlaf

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I run Teleport on a Naiad Envoy with both Eckter and the Siren. Most games, teleporting one or other of the Siren and Eckter is very useful. Getting the Siren in position to drag slow-moving combat infantry blocks backwards towards the opponent's table edge is sometimes really good, especially where the opponent doesn't have shooting hordes and scary flyers for her to shut down.
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