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Still very fuzzy on the whole Allegiance thing. If I were to have an army with Allegiance to Khorne, I NEED to have battlelines from Khorne? Or is that only for battalions from Khorne?
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Battlelines and battalions are 2 different things.

For starters if you want to have the Khorn Allegiance, you need all of your units to have the keywords: CHAOS, KHORNE.
If you want to use units that are not KHORNE, but have the CHAOS keyword you need to check the rules for using Allies.

When it comes to Battlelines, in the General's Handbook or your Battletome, at the page where it says the points of each unit, it also writes the type of each unit.
There you will find what unit is battleline.

The rule for a game of 2000 points, is that you need to have 3 battleline units.
So check if the units you have selected are battleline or not.

For battleline you can use any unit that has that type. The allegiance is determined by the keywoards of all of your units.
So at first it seems that those above rules and independent to each other.

The only exception is that some units "gain" the battleline type, if the whole army meets certain criteria.
For example I believe that some units gain the battleline type if your whole army has certain allegiance.

So in general, if you have allegiance of KHORNE you can use any unit that says it is battleline regardless if it has the keyword KHORNE or not.
But if you use too many non-KHORNE units you may loose the allegiance.
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It can be confusing at first glance with the god-specific armies. With most factions the allegiance is everything in the battletome and that's it. However, allegiance is actually based off keywords as Horgloom described above. So to put things in Khorne-specific terms:

-Does the unit have the KHORNE keyword? If yes, it is part of the allegiance.
-Can the unit be given the KHORNE keyword when it is placed on the table (for example Slaves to Darkness units)? If yes, it is part of the allegiance but (obviously) must take that keyword.

Allies are where things get a bit more complex:
-You can have up to a certain amount of points spent on allies. Allies are not part of the allegiance, do not benefit from allegiance abilities, and do not count towards your minimum battleline slots.
-If a unit has the KHORNE keyword but is part of a battalion that is not a Khorne battalion then that unit comes out of your allied points, but is still part of the allegiance and can fill minimum slots. Put differently, the battalion itself is an ally and thus the units within it come out of the allied points even if they are within allegiance.
-The Beasts of Chaos "Brass Despoilers" battalion is an exception, as it has been given a specific rule allowing it to be in Khorne armies.

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 NinthMusketeer wrote:
-You can have up to a certain amount of points spent on allies. Allies are not part of the allegiance, do not benefit from allegiance abilities, and do not count towards your minimum battleline slots.

Additionally only one out of every four units included in an army can be an allied unit.

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