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Looking for a set of "Qucik and Dirty" fast play rules for 40k  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Hello dakka
I think I saw some rules to download here a few months ago if anyone can give me the link
the also had a few army list included

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Was it One Page rules:


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Was it One Page rules:


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WOW yes it was cheers Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Had a look at this web page and I like the idea of small scale quick battles , reminds me of when i played back in 3rd edition at school, we used to run 500pts to make the games run quick. I preferred those game in the end cause the games would flow quickly.
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Thing is, Grim Dark Future can run larger games pretty quickly, too. I know the points don't equate from GDF to 40k but playing similar sized forces to what we play in 40k, we've gotten done in a little over half the time.

Just an observation...and we tend to prefer smaller games any way.

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Grimdark really does a good job of running games of less than a dozen models with Skirmish, and full armyscale games where each side has the equivalent of 2-3k points (if using GW rules).

The Fantasy system is subtly different, but works great, too.

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There are some battle reports on youtube and the game doesn't seem to given any worse of a gaming experience than the expensive warhammer rules from GW. I know I've enjoyed playing them too.

Balance in pick up games? Two people, each with their own goals for the game, design half a board game on their own without knowing the layout of the board and hope it all works out. Good luck with that. The faster you can find like minded individuals who want the same things from the game as you, the better. 
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