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Fresh-Faced New User

Once again with another question. Thanks for everyone's help.

So Delicate Precision says "If the unmodified wound roll for an attack made with a melee weapon by this model is a 6, that attack inflicts a number of mortal wounds equal to the Damage characteristic of the weapon used for the attack and the attack sequence ends (do not make a save roll)."

Does that mean if I'm making 4 wound rolls (Keeper's Elegant Greatblade) and 1 die comes up a 6, the other dice do not count for damage even if they're successful for wounds? If that's the case is seems like I'd almost just rather have more successful wound rolls especially with a rend. What if I roll 2 6's in my wound roll?

Also in everyone's opinion which model is better Keeper of Secrets or Shalaxi? I know a lot of answers probably will be depends on the situation, but in general for a new player what would more experienced players recommend and with what options for Keeper or Shalaxi.

Also in a 1000 pt army would either be worth a 340 or 360 points?

Thank you all for helping a new player.
Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

The attack sequence ends for that attack; all the others carry on normally. So in your example if the other attacks wounded successfully then the opponent would make saves and take the damage for those attacks normally. The way it is worded is a technical version of "if an attack wounds on a 6 that attack does mortal wounds instead of regular damage."

Keepers are widely recognized as being overpowered; that the best Slaanesh builds include 2-3 of them (at 2000 points) says a lot. Always take the hand weapon as it gives superb healing ability. A regular keeper is better than Shalaxi except when it comes to killing characters; generally speaking it is better to take Shalaxi after you already have a regular keeper in the list.

As for 1000 points it is a matter of how strong you want to be. Double-keeper would be ridiculously strong but also not make you many friends. One is certainly going to be pretty powerful, Shalaxi less so.

"Putting a statement in quotations makes it seem more legitimate."
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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Awesome thanks so much for the info.
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