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Made in gb
Adolescent Youth on Ultramar


Hi guys

I’ve recently gotten back into the game and primarily play ultramarines, against my brother who runs orcs.

My list looks like this for 500pt battles.

Captain PP and PS, sanctic halo, warlord
Tac squad PS, PP, flamer and missile launcher
Tac squad as above
Dreadnought with auto cannon and missile launcher.

My bro runs this:
Warboss with PK and kustom-shoota/heavy slugga or whatever
5 Nobz with a painboy all with power klaws
two squads of boyz with choppas/sluggaz

His strategy is to blast forward in his trukk and disembark his warboss/painboy/nob squad shooting all the way, the boyz trail along behind and usually hit turn 2 or 3 on foot. The issue I face is the Death Star of a squad he throws at me. Doesn’t matter what I play in return as a mobile gun line or what he always smashes me. Once those nobZ gets into combat with the warlord he kills whatever he touches. It was very close last match as I kited his Death Star but he still won once he locked me into combat. The ultramarine stratagem is effective as mobile gun line but I don’t know what else to do. Gonna build up with an apothecary and inceptors next for 750 but any other pointers in 500?

“Should the end come you will find me with my brothers. Fighting the last battle side by side, for we were there at the beginning and will be there at the end” 
Made in us
Pragmatic Collabirator

I don't think an apothecary will help you, but I have never had one.

If you drop your your captain's powersword (give him teeth of terra instead) and flamers or whatever else, you can upgrade your dreadnought to twin lascannons. With those you should be able to blow up the trukk turn one between your bolters, missiles, lascannons, etc.
Made in gb
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot


Wow... haven't seen such non-competitive lists in a long time, in their own way so long as everyones playing this type of list you can have a lot more fun...

As above; twin Lascannon on the dread pretty much guarantees dead trukk, they're fragile bro...

have you considered that maybe your dread is kitted completely wrong? for about the same points you could have a melee arm over the missile launcher, which would allow you to counter smash his deathstar something rotten if you get the charge off first... underslung heavy flamers make orks cry... consider: If you cut the Capt and dread from your list, and instead ran your dreadnought as a chaplain venerable dread with twin lascannons, fist and heavy flamer... you'd kill the trukk at range, then simply ensure you get the charge on that blob... painboys gonna have his work cut out for him dealing with flat 3 damage hits at S8 AP-3... that blob will dissolve, and you'll have an invuln save for saving any remaining power claw attacks
Made in sg
Fresh-Faced New User

Similar to the suggestions above, I would have the captain carry the teeth of terra and bolt pistol lowering his cost to 74 and changing the dread to having cc/heavy flamer and twin las. I would also drop the tactical squads in favour of two 5 man intercessor squads and add in a 3 man aggressor squad with boltstorm guantlets. This should round you out at 499 points.

You should be able to pick the trukk off using ur dread and agressors shots if needed. If he gets 1st turn and rushes up he may even be in range for aggressor double taps. and if not you get 2 rounds of shooting off. The agressors and intercessors also put out some pretty good amount of shots and can clear the boyz chaff once the initial trukk blows up. Also do not be afraid to charges with the captain, dread and aggressor if you need to get some melee in to finish some stuff off. The aggressors are pretty decent in melee. If things go south and you need to pull a screen in front of your agressors, you can always move an intercessor squad in front to act as a shield to buy you one round of shooting. Just make sure to distance properly so he doenst get to pile and consolidate into your aggressors.
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