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Hey folks!

Long ago I had battlefoam for everything, but I've been absent from the hobby for a long time. My new army (ANGRY MARINES) consists of custom dioramas. Nothing is standard sized, and I'm a little panicky about how to store and move them. I looked at Battlefoam's tutorial of drawing models, on paper...but that seems to assume you're laying them on their side, and my stuff has so many spikey bits that I don't know if that's reasonable.

Here are some pictures of my models. I'd love some advice. Should I buy pluck foam? And if I should, where should I get it from? Battlefoam? Something else? I don't know where to begin and I NEED to protect these models as I angrily transport angry marines around the country so that my angry marines can grundle-punch people.

These are a couple of my scout bikers:

These are scout biker sergeants.

These are aggressors

Someone tell me what to do, please.

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I've transported minis all about the place, by surface from East Asia in one of those fancy-schmancy GW cases, to sandwich box by the London Underground.

Given how unique your boys are... I'd say - honestly, from experience - wrap 'em in tissue paper, until they're big unidentifiable balls, then stick them in a container just confining enough to hold them still. Whatever kind of box it is, make sure it's tough, to minimize any movement.

I've been taking minis all over the place for years, and I've yet to have any real casualties. The tissue method is legit, in the aforementioned sandwich box saga, I had a (admittedly smaller) guitar amp fall ON TOP of the sandwich box, and there was no damage at all. I put that down to the tissue paper inside.

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Agile Revenant Titan

London, UK

I've been debating investing in one of these because my Eldar have lots of pointy bits: https://army-case.com/

Magnetic army case.

Currently using bubble wrap but it's a time consuming process if you're gaming with them.

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bubble wrap and a peli case.

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Magnetic might be the way to go, but they're bulky. Failing that a pick and pluck foam case might be the way to go, to allow you to customise the slots for each model. It probably depends on how you plan to transport them and how often. Will they be transported mainly/exclusively by car, for example? If so you can get away with a bulkier case than if you need to use public transport or you'll be walking with them.
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Pluck foam trays; possibly one on top of the other to form a foam 'box'. Alternatively, Battlefoam have a tray that can take two Knights.

They also have a sale ongoing. Or they may trade one for some dice...

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For my BSF stuff I've been trying out a really useful box with magnetic sheet in the bottom. The magnetic sheet doesnt actually stick that well to small rare earth magnets but ive found by using a metal insert to organize troop types the bits hold together quite securely.

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Alternatively for your utterly barmy force, drop some cash on some custom Crystal Fortress cases for a combination of display and transport systems.

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Honestly, while I usually recommend pluck foam. Based on your description of your models, it sounds like you want a magnet case.

Alternately you could try these guys? but they get pricy fast. https://www.crystal-fortress.com/
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Dakka Veteran

Magnets sound like a good idea. In your position, I'd be tempted by a stout cardboard box filled with foam peanuts.
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Fixture of Dakka

Feasting on the souls of unworthy opponents

I appreciate all the advice!

I ended up buying a PACK 352 from Battlefoam with magnetic tray layouts, using their fourth of July sale.

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