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Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all!

We want to announce just a few minutes ago we launched our new kickstarter campaign!
This time we decided to base the campaign on a fantasy race that we love, the dwarves.
You can find miniatures on 30 and 70 mm scale and we have also launched a fantasy footbal team

Thanks to all and serve the god emperor of mankind!

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Mighty Gouge-Horn

Anor Londo

I love the three dwarf Berserker minis!

Will it be possible to add other miniatures from your orc kickstarter during the pledge manager?
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

The 3D models are pretty - do they have a history of quality miniatures or are we just looking at pretty pictures?

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Myrmidon Officer


 Elbows wrote:
The 3D models are pretty - do they have a history of quality miniatures or are we just looking at pretty pictures?

They have had a previous successful Kickstarter that they're finalizing: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/399883540/orc-warband-collectors-by-yedharo-and-gt-studio-cr

There are some professionally painted examples of their Orcs there, and they've done some collabs with Vallejo and Angel Giraldez in the past with their Orc sculpts:

The sculptor for some of the models is Fausto Gutierrez who has had experience in Infinity models like the Kwarij box and the Antipodes.
Made in au
Sneaky Lictor

I have their stuff. The resin is a bit odd, feels more like Pvc, but cleans up like regular resin. The sculpts have deep cuts, capture details perfectly, and with minimal flash.

The only bad thing is that certain sculpts have badly placed mouldlines (the Orc champions and a wolf rider in my case).

Made in us
Novice Knight Errant Pilot

Oakland, CA

I also backed their Orc Kickstarter, and was very happy with the figures.
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