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Made in gb
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot


Hey dakka, looking for some critiques on my guard list I’m building

Battalion- Death Korps of Krieg

Death Korps Storm Squad: 10 men strong, power sword, Heavy Flamer team, Grenade Launcher.
(3 of these... for the uninitiated they’re non-deepstriking Scions with heavy flamer weapons team optional)

Tank commander Punisher
3x Heavy Bolters

Tank commander Executioner
3x Plasma Cannons

DKoK Storm Chimera
Autocannon & Heavy Bolter
(2 of these)

Aux support detachment (-1CP)
Armoured Sentinel Squadron
3x Armoured Sentinel wPlasma Cannon & 1 Hunter Killer Missile

Whatcha think Dakka? 7CP, 30 Bodies, 3 Walkers, 2 Russ, 2 Light support APCs...
Make whichever Russ commander I feel like Warlord with Kutov’a Aquila and Grand Strategist.

This army needs to be able to stand for itself, but realistically it’s gonna right fighting a lot of Harlequins, Some Death Guard, some Nids and Orks...

Any and all feedback gratefully received? Can’t believe how much stuff you can get for 1k pts with the imperial guard! Loving it!

Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

Providence, RI

Well, that's a lot of armor for 1000 points. It could totally work as long as your opponent isn't list-tailoring. You will struggle if you face an Alaitoc wave serpent. Their serpent shield will halve the effectiveness of your anti-tank. Really, any Alaitoc tank will cause your plasma to superheat scarily often. Figure out a game plan if you have Eldar in your local meta.

Russes can't field 3 plasma cannons - the heavy bolters at the front can only be replaced by a lascannons.

I recommend Cadian rather than Tallarn tactics for the sentinels. That way they can reroll their ones, which will save you a sentinel or two if you overcharge.

Any way to squeeze out another 30-46 points for another HQ? If you move the plasma executioner to the second detachment and take a Krieg company commander, you can get orders plus a net gain of two command points by splitting up the sentinel squadron.

I'll tell you where to start. Since you only have transports for two of the squads, drop the flamer (and power sword) from the third squad. It would never get to use its close range gear anyway. It'll be repurposed as a backfield objective camper.

If you don't drop the hunter-killer missile, consider moving it to a target with more survivability and a better ballistic skill, like a tank commander.

OK so here's the tl;dr on the next couple paragraphs: drop your power swords.

Guard are generally a shooty army. When you're stuck in melee, it'll be because your opponent brought a more assault oriented army. Stuff like Orks or Harlequins or Genestealers or hormagaunts. All of which have no armor to speak of, or an invul save rather than an armor save. What I'm saying is that a chainsword would be more effective than a power sword. Let me math it out. Suppose you're fighting the perfect target for a power sword: a space marine tactical squad. Two attacks with a power sword at WS 3+ nets 1.333 hits, .5 wounds, and .417 marine kills. Three attacks with a chainsword nets 2 hits, .666 wounds, and .222 marine kills. So you're paying 4 points to kill an extra fifth of one marine, and that's in the optimal scenario that you got your guys into combat. In every other scenario it's useless, and will only pay for itself if it lasts several rounds in melee against marines specifically.

10,000+ points
3000+ points 
Made in gb
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot


Hey Celerior!

Thanks for the feedback! Aside from Quinns on occasion, there's no eldar at all in my local meta... they're basically a swear word around here after 7th abuse by our very own "That Guy"...

I thought about what you said about Cadian Sentinels, but do you think catachan might have a place too? they're rocking Plasma cannons, maybe re-rolling those D3s wouldn't be too bad as an alternative?

Death Korps Russ can rock a hull Plasma cannon... cause... y'know... Forgeworld *shrug*

I hear what you're saying about power swords, but sadly cannot do it. This army is being made up of Kasrkin i've accumulated over years hunting on Ebay, and sadly I cannot bring myself to harm legacy models for the Meta... 12 Points tax will be okay I think... the heavy flamer teams are literally just gonna be flamer guys with a second kasrkin on a weapons team base... also my reason for grenade launchers over plasmaguns...

Thanks for taking the time man!

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