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Made in us
Discriminating Deathmark Assassin

Need to start working on my Nova list for this year Definitely not the most competitive out there but I think it has some potential to keep me out of the bottom bracket.

Detatchment: Cadian Emperor's Wrath Artillery Company Batallion 5CP

HQ: Pask, PGC, Lascannon, PC, PC
HQ: Tank Commander, PGC, Lascannon, PC, PC
HQ: CC, WT: Grand Strategist, Relic: Relic of lost Cadia

Elite: Astropath, Psychic Maelstrom
Elite: Ministorum Priest, Relic: Dagger of Tu'Sakh
Elite: 5x Bullgryn, Mauls, 2xslab shields, 3xbrute shields

Troops: 5xScions
Troops: 5xScions
Troops: 20xconscripts
Troops: 20xconscripts
Troops: Infantry squad, mortar, sniper

Heavy: Basilisk, HB
Heavy: Wyvern, HB

Detatchment: Imperial Knight Super Heavy Auxilary 0CP
SH: Castellan, Volcano Lance, Cawl's wrath, shieldbreaker missiles, 2xTwin seigebreaker cannon, 2xTwin meltagun, Titanic feet, ION Bulwark

Yeah, I did spend a ton of pregame CP on this list to the tune of leaving me only 4 for the entire game barring grand strategist. So the scions, priest and bullgryns go into reserve: scions for some board control later in the game and the bullgryns/priest will hopefully cause some chaos in my opponents rear ranks in turn 2. Two 20 man conscript units should shield my artillery, tanks and knight for a turn or two. Pask and the TC can do hoard control and plink away at high toughness targets. I expect we'll see a whole lot of chaos this year so the Lost Relic of Cadia will prove very useful (rerolling hits and wounds for units within 12" of the bearer for a turn is bonkers).
Made in us
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


Honestly, i dont like this list at all. My concerns are you are setting your opponent for easy target priorities. Turn 1 i am nuking pask and forcing some moral tests on your conscript squads no problem. Pask is just a rwally obvious target with his bs 2+, lascannon, PCs, and short range punisher cannon. The TC is another obvious target for turn 2.

I would get a 2nd TC, drop the PCs for HBs, switch conscripts to infantry squads, throw in another hq so you have 2 battalions, put special weapons on the scions, and look at adding in more artillery

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