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Made in us
Stinky Spore

Savannah, GA

Hi folks,

Haven't played since 6th ed and trying to get back into the hobby. I'm wanting to build some Bad Moons Orks because I like yellow stuff.

I figure I can use any of the Kulturs I want with my Bad Moons but I'd like to start with a solid thematic base 1500 points. Doesn't have to be flawlessly competitive but I also don't want to get leaf blown off the table.

Help me buy reasonable stuff; any advice is appreciated.

Battalion (645 pts) Bad Moon Orks

Warboss w/ Da Dead Shiny Shoota (67 pts)
Big Mek w/ Shokk Attack Gun (80 pts)

Boyz x20 w/ shoota, 2 w/ big shoota, 2 w/ tankbusta bombs (163 pts)
-Boss Nob w/ Power Klaw

Boyz x20 w/ shoota, 2 w/ big shoota, 2 w/ tankbusta bombs (163 pts)
-Boss Nob w/ Power Klaw

Boyz x20 w/ shoota, 2 w/ big shoota, 2 w/ tankbusta bombs (163 pts)
-Boss Nob w/ Power Klaw

Battalion (279 pts)
Weirdboy (62 pts)
Weirdboy (62 pts)

Gretchin x15 (45 pts)
Gretchin x15 (45 pts)
Gretchin x 10 (30 pts)
Runtherd w/ Squig Hound (35 pts)

Spearhead (576 pts)
Big Mek w/ Shokk Attack Gun (84 pts)
-Grot Oiler

Smasha Gun (31 pts)

Lootas x15 (255 pts)

Deff Dreds x2 w/ 2x kustom mega-blasta & 2 dread klaw (206 pts)

Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

just a choppa on yer warboss..I would Go big choppa ..drop dead shiny shoota for da gobshot blunderbus..since yer doing bad moons anyway ..

I would also stick to big choppas on the nobz with the boyz
or alternately two choppa on the nobz with the boyz (can you say blender) you ave tank busta bombs to deal with vehicles..

(freeing a few more points to get a groups of grots to 20+)

when your ready to expand to 2000 points look at megatraqck scrap jet, and shock jump dragsters as great additions ..(will also take you from two battlalions to a single brigade at that point )

Smasha Guns are good but better in groups of 3 ..

overall a decent list

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'\' ~7000pts
'' ~1000
"" ~3000
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