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I understand that splitting the horrors no longer cost reinforcement points now as well as summoning in general, but the new split rule of the horros tell me that I have to wait until I have 10 blue horror points/fate points in order to summon a unit of 10 blue horrors. Reading the summoning tzeentch daemons rule, does that mean that I have to put the blue horror unit within the range of a hero unit other than replacing the slain pink horror models? Does that mean if I had no hero units on the table, I would no longer be able to summon the blue horrors from the points gained by mybdead pink horrors?

If so, aww......
Also, how on earth is that "splitting"?

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That is correct. The concept of splitting as it used to be is gone and is replaced basically by summoning. Summoning has restrictions, and in your case it is that heroes have to be alive. Once heroes are gone, no more summoning.

Not every faction has that restriction. Some also let you summon within a distance of their faction specific terrain.

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the blue and brimstone horrors still have the split rule, so they still get created when pink (for blues) or blue(for brimstones) get destroyed

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