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Am seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on this list. Need to find 25pts to fit in an assasin (mostly likley culexus) and or use the 60pts remaining to do the best anti psy defence possible.

Please help.

Custodes 2000pts, 10 Command Points.

Custodes Spear Head, +1cp

Shield Captian on Jet Bike 160
Caladius Grav-Tank, Twin Ilastrus cannon, 210
Caladius Grav-Tank, Twin Ilastrus cannon, 210
Caladius Grav-Tank, Twin Ilastrus cannon, 210

Custodes Out Rider, +1cp

Shield Captian on Jet Bike 160
3 Vertus Perators 270
3 Vertus Perators 270
3 Vertus Perators 270

Imperial Guard Battalion +5cp
imperial guard commander (warlord and relic of CP farming) 30
imperial guard commander 30
10 troops 40
10 troops 40
10 troops 40

Total 1940pts

I NEED HELP WITH THE LAST 60PTS, either find 25pts for an assasin OR what is my best anti psy defence for the remaining 60pts?


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Why not just add a Primaris Psyker to your IG detachment for 46 points?
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Personally I think not including the banner is a big mistake - it is quite honestly the best unit in the costodes arsenal. Trajen is also pretty amazing with those tanks.

My personal opinion would be to drop 3 bikes and ad trajen and the banner put the remaining 6 bikes into 1 unit and include them in your spearhead and just take an auxillary captain. I think that leaves you with some points for your gaurdsemen too. just add CC or infantry squads to max out on points there and any remaining points add mortars to your infantry squads.

That is plenty of CP to work with. As trajen is giving you as ton of rerolls. The -1 to hit from the banner will keep your tanks alive much longer. kinda weird build that I am suggesting but I think it's the best way to get what you want out of these units.

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I play 1kSons a lot and culexus isn't that big of a deal. You can play round his 18" aura and if you've brought flamers he's really easy to toast. Plus you don't have 2cp to spare.

Another option for psychic defense is a legion with the 4+ deny a psychic power stratergem, like black templars and graia ad mech. They will be much more reliable than trying to deny the witch against great psyckers like farseers and Ahriman.

Also agree with above, trajen and banner is the way to go.

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Great Falls, Montana

I use a culexus assassin or a squad of sissters of battle helps alot as you cant count on the 6+

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