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Made in fr
Been Around the Block

Hi all !
So the goal, admittedly ambitious, is to field my 3 Gorkanauts (one is magnetised ready to be shifted to a morkanaut) and make them work competitively. I am prepared to change heavily this list, so all your advice is reallty very welcome !
I will face ad mech sunday 11th august 2019, so until then i need to make this concept work !
Now i know this will never have the versatility of an evil sunz boyz heavy list.
I went full bad moon seeing no benefit to mixing clans.
The idea is to be able to deal with:
- gen cult lists, other ork lists, demon lists, all other mass infantery lists
- Flyer heavy lists (mek gunz + SSAG usually work fine for this)
- be able to break even with knight lists (may need some tweaking for this)
- I will obviously lose against lists tailored to kill knights.
I am part of a team training for next year's etc team champion ship qualifiers in France (an outsider team, nothing famous I am afraid, sorry... )

Without further ado, the list:
PLAYER : Addnid

DETACHMENT : fer de lance bad moon dredd waaagh
HQ1 : Big Mek avec Kanon Shokk(1*55), Kanon Shokk(25), [Vigilus]Eul'Shokker surgonflé, Boss kitutou, Grot Graisseur(4) [84]
HS1 : Gorkanaut(1*250), 2 TWL Big shoota(20), 2 rokit Launchas (24), heavy flamer(17) [311]
HS2 : Gorkanaut(1*250), 2 TWL Big shoota(20), 2 rokit Launchas (24), heavy flamer(17) [311]
HS3 : Gorkanaut(1*250), 2 TWL Big shoota(20), 2 rokit Launchas (24), heavy flamer(17) [311]
HS4 : 2 Mek Gunz(15 + 1*15), 2 smasha(32) [62]
HS5 : 3 Mek Gunz(15 + 2*15), 3 smasha(48) [93]
HS6 : 3 Mek Gunz(15 + 2*15), smasha(48) [93]
Total detachment : 1265

DETACHMENT : Bataillon Bad moon
HQ1 : Big Mek en Méga-armure(1*77),KMB(9), PK(13), KFF(20), Grot (4) [123]
HQ2 : Warboss(1*65),KS(2), Big Choppa(5), Squig' [72]
Troup1 : 10 Gretchins(30) [30]
Troup2 : 10 Gretchins(30) [30]
Troup3 : 10 Gretchins(30) [30]
Elite1 : Nob w banner Waaagh!(1*75), KS(2) [77]
Total detachment : 362

DETACHMENT : Bataillon bad moons 2
HQ1 : Weirdboy(1*62),[62]
HQ2 : Weirdboy(1*62), [62]
Troup1 : 10 Gretchins(30) [30]
Troup2 : 10 Gretchins(30) [30]
Troup3 : 10 Gretchins(30) [30]
Flyer1 : Wazbom Blastajets(1*99), 2 Méga-kanon wazbom(24), smasha(16),KFF(20) [159]
Total detachment : 373


Would freebooter be better ? I want to shoot twice one gork and the SSAG during the same turn, but is it worth it ??
The plan is to keep a gork in the TP and rush it for that 3d6 charge (4 cp though) if opponent doesn't have mass infantery (gorkanaut's gunz are not good at all vs multiwound).
The banner will be kept near the gorkas if possible, the huge gorka base will help a lot for that 6 inch aura.
The boss will keep grots from fleeing, but i may echange him for a 3rd weirdboy or badruk, dunno. I cover a bit of the board with my 60 grots, as long as they keep far enough away from opponent.

2 KFFs, one for the first turn wiche can't be targeted, the the wasbom's (two wasboms would be better but can't find the points for a second) to get good cover.

I have faith that gorkanauts/morks will go down 30 points minimum next CA, but in the meantime I think they can work a bit (not as well as the most well known ork lists out there though).

Again all advice is welcome, even needed I dare say -as it is perhaps the mlist doesn't work-, I have every possible mini (7000 points of painted orks at the least) so i can probably fit most suggestions you may make)

Thanks in advance guys !!

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