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Made in ca
Terrifying Wraith


I'm getting ready for a small tournament. Just want to know if the list is viable and what change I need to do if I need to go up to 1750 pts.

Jump pack captain with thunder hammer and Raven's Fury
Lieutenant plasma pistol thunder hammer
Librarian in phobo armor (the one from Shadowspear)

5x Intercessor Squad
5x Intercessor Squad
5x scouts with sniper and heavy bolter

5x vanguard veterant with 2 chainswords each
Vindicare assassin

Assault squad, evicerator, 2x plasma pistol

Eliminator squad
Eliminator squand
levianthan dreadnaught with grav-flux and storm cannon

Razorback with twin heavy flamer (for the veteran and the LT)

That bring me just under 1500 pts.

Made in gb
Steady Space Marine Vet Sergeant


One thing i would change is your vanguards having no ranged weapons

Do they have jump packs?

Lieutenant w./ Plasma pistol.......does he have jump pack? Otherwise he's a bit of a damp squib.

I'd change the heavy bolter to missile launcher.

You've gone mostly with primaris. and then you have a normal assault squad...how big is this assault squad? if it's nearly full compleement then ok. but if not i'd consider inceptors...

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