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Waaagh! Warbiker

I've always wanted to do a Thunder Warrior army, but theres always been a few snags in that I've never been able to find quite the right bits to properly represent them.

The big sticking point for me was always the bolter. In the fluff the Thunder Warriors had these massive proto-bolters that even a Space Marine struggles to lift. Phobos pattern got a little close, but they didn't have the front mounted magazine without a bit of hacking. So I've decided to bite the bullet and just make my own as it will be easier in the long run rather than converting everything.

So I started out with a rough concept sketch:

Next up, it was time to do a bit of 3D modelling. Most of the dimentions were either eyeballed or measured with my chinese callipers, both of which have roughly the same accuracy.

Off to the 3D printer now for the prototypes before I setup my casting rig.
Made in nl
Never Forget Isstvan!

The Netherlands

Sweet! What software did you use to model and render this gun?

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Made in gb
Waaagh! Warbiker

@Malika2 I used OnShape, its a free online version of what is effectively Solidworks. Really decent program, I'm still not really using its full functionality but I'm getting good mileage out of it.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
3D print is done, this thing is very big on a standard marine! I may have a play later on at scaling it down a bit for use with early great crusade troops. Currently this would probably work well with a primaris marine instead of the bolt carbine.

Also, my photo-cure resin is translucent. This means my camera has a hell of a time trying to focus on it and its all around a bit of a sod to get a good picture of:

Scale pic next to Anvil industy notabolter

And on a set of Mk III armour, this thing really dwarfs a standard bolter, which is what I wanted. Should look good on a larger model.

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Made in us
Martial Arts SAS

I like it, you could try using a plasma pistol. Ill try to post my guy later.

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