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I've just finished putting together a load of Primaris stuff that I've been putting off for an age, and made a start on painting, and I'm wondering how best to use the stuff I have, and where to go next? My regular opponent is mostly a Tau and Tyranids player, but neither of us are ultra cheese monsters. Usually we play using power level, so this example list was put together for 54 PL on the combat roster:

Primaris Captain with Power Fist

Primaris Lieutenant

10 Intercessors, 2 Grenade Launchers, Sergeant with Power Sword

10 Intercessors, 2 Grenade Launchers, Sergeant with Power Sword

5 Helblasters

Repulsor with HOG-Cannon, OG-Cannon, Lascannons, Icarus I-Stubber, I-Stubber, Storm Bolters, Krakstorm Grenade Launchers, Auto-Launchers

I know the Repulsor is going to be a big target, with all those hideously big guns (how do you remember what you've taken and what you've fired?) but beyond using that to scoot and shoot each turn (or maybe fire the autolaunchers) I've got no idea at all how to use the army. The heroes obviously are meant to stay near the infantry and give them buffs, but should I perhaps load them into the transport with a combat squad, drive them at the biggest enemy target and use them as a suicide smash squad?

I've been following the news from the new codex but as I've hardly played Marines in about ten years I don't really know what to expect, how do they tend to work? Since there's no official word on where the Rainbow Warriors came from I'll probably use lots of diffferent traits but once the book comes out, based on what we've seen, what looks handiest given what I have now?

Getting rid of the Grey!

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Steady Space Marine Vet Sergeant


Welcome to Marines and Primaris at that!

You have a solid base to start from. Congrats on taking the 2 aux grenade launchers with your intercessors. alot of people forget them!

So the first question is how big games do yo uwant to be playing?

1000 with primaris is not easy cause the good units are expensive points wise.

1750 to 2000 points is where Primaris are really good.

What tactics are you thinking of using?

Intercessors can be surprisingly survivable thanks to their W2 stat, so they don't have to be in transports.

Your hellblasters should be a near ten man squad to get maximum plasma into the enemy.

consider getting another hellblaster squad and another Repulsor.
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