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Made in us
Dangerous Outrider

For some time now I have traded my old games and stuff on Dakka Dakka swap shop or other sites like bartertown.

In the last year I have noticed a change in the people I am trading with..
Most are traders are golden.. I make the trade with positive response and no trouble but I am seeing things like..

The Darkness - In the middle of the trade, collected pictures and sent detailed lists.. then nothing... no response, even to follow up PMs
Would be nice to just reply saying you are no longer interested..

Broken deal - Again in the middle of the trade offers made, then a reply that the items are gone in another trade or sold.
This is just a person being rude I know, but again when I trade and get multiple offers I try to close out deals before taking others

My stuff is gold and your stuff is trash - I know it is difficult to set a price on stuff.. But getting people to agree on retail for retail seems difficult.
Condition means a lot, then you have factors of like eBay to send things to crazy price for no reason. But just because something is "painted"
don't mean the item is worth three times it's price now.

Guess what I am thinking - I have people send a PMs with no information.. just a copy of my ad..
This is something that frustrates me, after a few return PMs, I find out they are wondering If I want to buy something that I am trying to trade. So
clearly they didn't read my ad to see I am trying to get rid of the item also.. I don't need to buy another.

Lock in - A trader that tries to get a value locked in of your stuff before even giving any details of what they are offering to trade.
I always offer details and pictures of my stuff so there is no questions of what I am offering, but just seems they don't want to talk about their stuff
unless you have given every last detail including value before they even mention what they can offer.

Trade only - Most of the time I am only wanting to trade for my items, and send a PM "How Much?"
Again that don't read your ad, Myself I don't like dealing with cash because I will end up spending it on stupid stuff like food, gas or rent. Plus when
I do trade it's easier to get the full value of the item, when selling you usually have to beat the lowest online retailer, then pay shipping and other fees.

Is there anyone else that sees this or other stuff I didn't mention?

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Myrtle Creek, OR

Yeah, people can be flaky. My stuff is gold and yours is trash is something that I guess has always been around though.

Buying GW stuff that's not like one of their FOMO box sets (like Overkill, Space Hulk or the Kill Team starter for this edition) is a losing proposition. I had a lot of NOS items up for 2/3 off and that included domestic shipping. Somebody PM'ed me to knock another $5 off the price and I said 'no'.

Just makes me way pickier about buying anything during the shiny new period. I know I'm gonna take a loss if I later change my mind. Probably a good thing.

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