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Fixture of Dakka

We all know the number of books and FAQs are getting difficult to juggle. So, I have set out to help players new and old stay current on rules and FAQs without needing to drag print-offs around. And - especially - without needing print-offs for your opponent.

Did you forget what phase their stratagem triggers? Got you covered.
Unsure of how many CP they should have spent? Check.
Need to know what units, stratagems, traits, relics, or spells allow other units to perform a specific action? No problem!

I'm in the data entry phase, so, hopefully I can finish that up in a couple weeks. I decided not to copy the book info wholesale for copyright reasons, but all verbage from the FAQs will be available and searchable with a filter. Not all items will be loaded in - we all know Jump Packs let you deepstrike, but stratagems are a different story.

Once I deal with a few bugs and design issues i'll open it up for comments to make sure it's as useful to the community as it can be.

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Whoa. I'm impressed already.

This will be sweet! Well done
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Trazyn's Museum Curator

on the forum. Obviously

Ooh that's handy.
What language / program are you using to make it?

What I have
: LM

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A longbeard when it comes to Necrons and WHFB. Grumble Grumble

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Fixture of Dakka

Lemondish wrote:
Whoa. I'm impressed already.

This will be sweet! Well done

Thanks! I'm pretty psyched for it, too. My aging brain isn't what it used to be and keeping up with the mountains of books is getting hard.

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 CthuluIsSpy wrote:
Ooh that's handy.
What language / program are you using to make it?

It's a basic stack, really - PHP, jQuery, MySQL, and some other gubbins. It will be single-page app, in browser, and hopefully formatted to fit phones pretty easily.

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Esteemed Veteran Space Marine

San Jose, CA

Great job so far and I'm looking forward to it.
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Missionary On A Mission

Tacoma, WA, USA

At the risk of adding to the data entry workload, it would be really great of the entry told you where the rule was from. It the text from the printed Codex or the FAQ document and which one?

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Blessed work for the community. Many praises.
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