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Been Around the Block

I'm interested in building a Gloomspite Gitz list for Warcry so I'd like to acquire some figures.

I'm fine with buying more than I actually need, but I want at least 5 squigs included in any deal and I'm looking for unpainted figures (unless they're metal, then painted is fine).

I have Paypal as well as all sorts of stuff to offer as trades including lots of vintage, metal figures such as: Sisters of Battle, Inquisition, Necromunda (Redemptionists, Escher, Arbites), Epic Tyranids, Servitors, Melnibonean figures, and Genestealer Cult (including Patriarch on throne).

I also have some new, on sprue Nighthaunts; Hexwraiths / Black Knights and a Cairn Wraith. I'd be happy to include these guys in a deal.

Let me know what you have and how much (or what trades) you want for it.
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