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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

This is like a whole space marine chapter rolling to hit at the same time.

TLDR: $10k worth of dice fell off a truck and onto the highway. Hilarity ensues.

Made in us
Heroic Senior Officer

Murray, Kentucky

This just in, local guard player finally has enough dice

'I've played Guard for years, and the best piece of advice is to always utilize the Guard's best special rule: "we roll more dice than you" ' - stormleader

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Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

The truck was near a character, better re-roll all the ones.

Made in gb
Princeps of the Emperor's Titan!

And somehow, a tricked out 3rd Ed Eldar Falcon still bloody survived the shooting phase.

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Made in gb
Executing Exarch

London, UK

A current edition Wave Serpent could tank that

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Made in gb
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