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Are there any more events with a GW reveal in 2019? If not, when?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I'm looking forward to the next studio reveal after being a little disappointed in last AoS faction preview. (The bone guys are pretty far away from what I had been wanting).

So I'm curious when the next event will be that will show the next chapter.

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I think I heard someone say it's going to be another "Orktober" event this year. Something about plastic Gazgull?
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 Togusa wrote:
I think I heard someone say it's going to be another "Orktober" event this year. Something about plastic Gazgull?

I think that is just a LOT of wishlisting going in circles a few times.

Right now we've release info up to November pretty much with Sisters of Battle being the big release then. Alongside we've got the dripfeed of the new Psychic Campaign that GW is running with new models, already several Eldar models previewed for that. They might add more to that, but its hard to say.

Specialist games might also surprise us with a bit more, but we've already got something for Necromunda from the Nova.

AoS has releases up to October with Bonereapers and then there's Ogres appearing in November/December (at least we assume that very strongly by the Nova hints).

After that really there isn't a huge amount of time to release stuff. There will certainly be Christmas Boxed Sets to show off and perhaps around the christmas period we might get a few hints on what is coming next year.

At best the biggest thing GW might be holding up their sleeve is another Battletome for AoS, but I'd be surprised (happily so) and would expect it to be something like Tzeentch or Seraphon - basically very little to add and the core focus being getting 2.0 rules for the army.

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The Warhammer 40,000 Open Day is 30th Nov - we might see something then.
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Looks like this is up next.
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