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Made in us
Elite Tyranid Warrior

I have a large Space Marine army I am just not interested in, most of it is still in box or NOS.

I am good with cash offers but I am also interested in most all Chaos(Daemons and CSM), GSC, and Orks (Vehicles for Orks mostly but I am open to infantry if the trade is good.) In most cases I am willing to trade in your favor or sell at a heavy discount based on what you want, I just have no interest in Imperium armies I have decided and just want to get rid of the clutter.

I am also interested in Star Wars Legion of any variety, just started the game and would like to build up a collection.

If you would rather just buy the entire sum of it in one go I am willing to take $300 for the entire remaining lot. That is over 50% off the total value of all the kits.

With that said, onto the list!

5x Assault Marines
5x Devastators
Venerable Dreadnaught
20x Tacticals
Forge World EC Etched Brass
10x Forge World EC Palantine Guard
Forge World EC Shoulder Pads
Forge World EC Heads
Forge World Black Templar Terminator Storm Shields
5x Sternguard

Storm Raven
Captain Shrike
Land Speeder w/ AC/HB
RG Captain (Solaq)
5x Devastators
3x Drop Pods
Vanguard Vets(1x TH, 2x SS/CS, 2x Axe, 3x DLC)
5x Assault Marines (2x Flamers)
10x Scout Snipers

Built and Primed:
2x Storm Talon
15x BT Tactical Marines (Black)
2x BT Melta Tacticals (Black)
1x Emperors Champion (Black)
10x Sternguard (White)

If you are interested in any of it just send me a message with what you want and how you want to pay for it (Trade or $$$.) I am willing to haggle and as I said I have no interest or attachment to it.

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Made in us
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

Southern California

PM sent
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

PM sent
Made in us
Elite Tyranid Warrior

Updated list with items that have been traded/sold.
Made in us
Elite Tyranid Warrior

Updated the list as well as add Star Wars Legion to the wants. Just starting the game and loving it so I want to build up a collection.
Made in us
Fate-Controlling Farseer

Fort Campbell

PM sent.

1st Legion Dark Angels

Eldar Craftworld Eth-Kariel
Spear of Kornous - High Elf Expeditionary Army (Retired) 
Made in us
Elite Tyranid Warrior

List updated and price reduced for full list.
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