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Awesome Autarch

Dallas area, TX

Inspired by my sons who play Ultramarines & Salamanders, but mostly video games.

Made in ca
Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought


That's pretty cool.

Have an Exalt.

The Fall of Kronstaat IV
Война Народная | Voyna Narodnaya | The People's War - 2,898pts painted (updated 18/09/19)
Волшебная Сказка | Volshebnaya Skazka | A Fairy Tale (updated 07/10/19, ep9 - Разорение | Razoreniye | Downfall)
Kabal of The Violet Heart (updated 18/09/19)

You know, if there's one thing I've learnt from being in the Army, it's never ignore a pooh-pooh. I knew a Major who got pooh-poohed; made the mistake of ignoring the pooh-pooh. He pooh-poohed it! Fatal error! 'Cause it turned out all along that the soldier who pooh-poohed him had been pooh-poohing a lot of other officers who pooh-poohed their pooh-poohs. In the end, we had to disband the regiment.
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Anointed Dark Priest of Chaos

Well played Galef, well played


A Mostly Renegades and Heretics blog.

Who would win:
10'000 + years of veterancy, or some raidy Boys?
(Not Online in regards to the new Red Corsair battalion CP boost.) 
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Dakka Veteran

Columbus, OH

Hah! Awesome


Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

Very nice! i like their cozy little chairs.

realism is a lie
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Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

Very Nice!

Ultramarines, 3rd Co. and friends, 12.5K+ Slowly growing 2Kish
Nevelon's Workbench: Ultramarines, Saim-Hann and other assorted oddities
Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick

New York city

Hahahaha cool

The Warmonger Club

Made in om
Dakka Veteran

Muscat, Oman

I love it!

--Lord of the Sentinels Eternal-- 
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Esteemed Veteran Space Marine

Hanging out on the Great Plains

Very cool.

More DAKKA - the only true answer to any question.

Imperial Army - 3rd Cohort (The Venators)  
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Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

In My Lab

Is that freehand on the TV screen, or what?


Clocks for the clockmaker! Cogs for the cog throne! 
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

Dallas area, TX

 JNAProductions wrote:
Is that freehand on the TV screen, or what?
Oh no, I cut that out of a White Dwarf or the Know No Fear booklet or something for the 2 characters. But the Health bars are freehand


Made in de
Hellacious Havoc

Forsaken wastes of Brandenburg

So good, I love it!

~11,000 pts painted

Bharring wrote:
At worst, you'll spend all your time and money on a hobby you don't enjoy, hate everything you're doing, and drive no value out of what should be the best times of your life.
Made in gb
Battlefortress Driver with Krusha Wheel

Brilliant. I love how the Ultra is playing as the Death Guard character in the game. Guilliman would be devastated
Made in ie
Norn Queen

Dublin, Ireland

Brilliant stuff, really nice idea and well executed!

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
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Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt


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