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Disbeliever of the Greater Good

I've been reading up on Kharadron lore as I am starting a Kharadron army. I am fully aware that the ships on the tabletop are not to scale, but how large are the vessels actually?

I've been reading the Kharadron book from black library recently and they make it seem like an Ironclad is a big as a Spanish Galleon, with multiple decks and a main deck that is at least big enough for a Gyrocopter/Ornithopter to land upon. They do a good job of not mentioning a hard number when referencing the crew component. They've lost a few crew members, but there is always more that seem to popup and take their place. While this could be the cause of bad writing, I would like to know how many duardin are actually down in the hold performing the daily duties of the ship.

Is there any mention of how large these skyvessels are? What is the standard crew component? How much can they actual haul?

Any insight would be appreciated.
Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Something to remember is that it's multiple decks of duardin height, so a good bit smaller than for a human. At any rate specific info is non-existent bar what we have in warscrolls, though the art on pages 7-10 and 18 give a decent sense of how large the ships actually are. I'd say the dimensions are a good 30-50% larger, which translates to considerably more interior space.

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Made in us
Disbeliever of the Greater Good

Thank you for the reply! I knew the models weren't to scale, I was just hoping there was a blurb somewhere that said "frigates have crews of twenty and can haul X" sitting around somewhere.
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