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Made in us
Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

So after trying and failing twice before to build the Vlka Fenryka, 3rd time is the charm. My prior attempts were with a kitbash of Mark IV marines with 40k Space Wolves. Well, it made the marines too 40k for me. I love the Space Wolves but really dislike the over the top wolfyness of the 40k guys. So I decided to give Mark III armor a shot, and it worked like a charm. Should have taken a clue from Forgeworld. Anyway, to start with, HQ units. I kept Hvarl as bare as I could. Did the same thing with Russ, but he’s not done yet. Actually, kept the whole army as generic as I could.
[Thumb - BDDC091F-9083-4B44-BAF1-77942E1721C0.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0C6C6FF2-84E0-4AEE-970A-A8567B70E89C.jpeg]

[Thumb - 52BABBE1-014C-4E57-A471-3DCB14183AD8.jpeg]

[Thumb - 13587DEA-5361-4DBA-AFCA-12348482024B.jpeg]

[Thumb - 167953A4-BE0C-46F7-8B92-A84915113B32.jpeg]

[Thumb - B299E100-91DC-42FA-8B6E-4F1B8FB35A65.jpeg]

[Thumb - 802517C9-A096-4A50-AEA6-FA0FA0BC0E83.jpeg]

[Thumb - 2155AE4A-3CC9-471E-9590-A23EEF394966.jpeg]

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Made in ie
Norn Queen

Dublin, Ireland

Looking good but many pics are sideways.

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
Made in us
Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

Ok pics are fixed. Adding some Elites. Click on the picture for a sharper image.
[Thumb - 9E96157B-12BE-40D3-8445-CDA117C426AA.jpeg]

[Thumb - 34F8A395-0339-4C7B-A8CD-93DAAB0F9446.jpeg]

[Thumb - 641D2045-20A2-437F-B7F0-0D147325B2DA.jpeg]

[Thumb - 735C6C3B-D933-408A-92AF-EA2EF84A13FD.jpeg]

[Thumb - A63192B5-1B35-4949-AAF1-94372221FB70.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0479994B-B0C5-4550-8E76-9452D12B2002.jpeg]

[Thumb - 9AE65018-42BD-4E87-BB62-9A55E9A9C8D7.jpeg]

[Thumb - BEABA68E-C829-48BB-ACB9-A3C2FB4C074F.jpeg]

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Pretty nice paint jobs, but why are there squats in mk3 armor mixed in with your space wolves? :p
Made in us
Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

Thanks Quasistellar. Got some heavy support today.
[Thumb - 755B3497-8425-4AFF-875A-4BC2B8C1B2A1.jpeg]

[Thumb - 39234847-0BAB-48FF-986D-386B356484B1.jpeg]

[Thumb - 8FD7379B-1C07-4B38-A40C-7BD7AC5BB8CC.jpeg]

[Thumb - 2D39EEDA-BD7E-4CBF-84C6-D171D2CECF94.jpeg]

[Thumb - 103F7B88-AF0F-4AF9-AC32-AFCC295C1301.jpeg]

[Thumb - 46B338B7-378D-4961-BAFE-0485DEC9E05E.jpeg]

[Thumb - DAFD2115-79EC-402C-BBB7-2FE317A19F97.jpeg]

[Thumb - B92022A3-B73E-4D94-B569-1FC319A56F34.jpeg]

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Made in us
Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

A Seeker squad armed with combo plasma and some transports. Gave the Seekers MK IV armor because I think it fits the sleek, fast, hunter theme I see them having.
[Thumb - 36C53A4F-417A-4E02-AE3D-6FCE2FB92436.jpeg]

[Thumb - E0CBC49D-A970-4F8F-BC2F-588B6C8FE8E4.jpeg]

[Thumb - 93CAD5EA-AE68-4253-BF0E-F13A0D35C1E2.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0483E380-7436-4A79-89E2-A95DEFBC347F.jpeg]

[Thumb - C1AC8287-58E3-4E15-B796-62D3CA02D992.jpeg]

[Thumb - 8DC9C373-9FB6-4E87-9713-8F6B78FDD23E.jpeg]

[Thumb - 917D91F2-B993-45C8-8FF0-804C79F899E3.jpeg]

[Thumb - D245EE86-611D-4183-B257-CA8F0BF44079.jpeg]

[Thumb - 1218EBA9-0D46-459F-9104-2ACBADFDB22F.jpeg]

[Thumb - 093CA985-87A7-4A82-A1C3-2A8E5E42852E.jpeg]

[Thumb - BA53ED13-E90E-43E2-AEFC-EECAA6C49732.jpeg]

[Thumb - E61026F1-BF40-4485-9A3B-75EEFF7C04B4.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0CC41748-27C6-49F0-98DB-D39FB8DA6A51.jpeg]

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Made in us
Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

The last bit of the army. I took a lot of wolfyness off Russ and I think he still looks great. You really get the feeling he is running into something. The FW upgrade packs are well worth the money in my opinion.
[Thumb - F9B0441D-6304-4583-9D37-A2910757D1ED.jpeg]

[Thumb - 91262627-EF6A-40D0-ACFA-4FFFC1622442.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0F3E48C6-13D4-4A25-832F-AF961EE03D4B.jpeg]

[Thumb - EE0DDE61-347E-420B-8891-FC2105183787.jpeg]

[Thumb - 4CCBF0B5-244E-4611-AB1C-0AFEC8A6DE44.jpeg]

[Thumb - 4A6F6000-0A88-4BB9-AE4B-F740C0B613AF.jpeg]

[Thumb - 5BA6621F-0824-4CEC-98F9-1C4B31B46849.jpeg]

[Thumb - FF12677C-A5CD-4DE5-B3F8-AAE92878F981.jpeg]

[Thumb - 1507B77A-5C3F-4D26-A4ED-144125D2186C.jpeg]

[Thumb - 3F5E9ECC-2570-4FA4-82C9-107A9E900B0F.jpeg]

[Thumb - 2C8EFC1D-A7FB-4B5C-A9F0-3205E103C080.jpeg]

[Thumb - 9DA5BFB9-25E6-424A-9AD2-6184A3D9ECD4.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0CB5A9BF-1E09-4B63-8CE2-D0D89FA0FC8A.jpeg]

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

land of 10k taxes

Nicely done
Made in us
Dakka Veteran


Your Russ' axe is so straight, mine looks like a flail.
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