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[H] NIB/NOS Knights army, NIB/NOS Tau army, IH &RG sups. [W] Sylvaneth,SCE,Idoneth,Seraphon,Necromunda ,various [UNITED only]  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Ambitious Space Wolves Initiate


I am looking to do an army swap . Not looking to part out/split or sell. Only looking for a like/like trade ( i.e. nib/nos) . Only looking for what I have listed .

I have for trade ...

1 nib Castellan
1 nib Warglavies
2 nib Helverins
2 nos Knights w/1 acc. sprue/Imperial Knight Warden frame
1 nib Sacristan forge shrine
1 imperial Knight codex.
1 Chaos Knights codex

2 boxes fire warriors NIB
2 Ghostkeel NIB
1 Stormsurge NIB
2 stealth suits NiB
12 crisis suits NoS
2 Riptides NoS
2 Commanders NoS
1 Codex

Codex Supplements
Iron Hands
Raven Guard

Looking for ...

NiB/NoS Sylvaneth
Kurnoth (up to 5 boxes)
Revenants ( up to 6 boxes)
Drycha Hamadreth or 2
The Everqueen OR just the complete Wardroth Beetle
dryads ( up to 2 boxes)

Stormsire's cursebreakers
Sequitors ( up to 4 boxes or so, multi-part box only)
Dracolines boxset ( up to 2 )
Evocators ( multi-part box only up to 4 boxes)

Nib/Nos Idoneth ( Maybe as part of a trade with Sylvaneth ?)
Ishlaen/morrsarr guard ( up to 4 boxes)
Allopex ( 1 or 2 )
namarti thralls
namarti reavers
Sisters of the thorn
Eternal guard
Sisters of the watch


Skinks ( 1 or 2 box)
Saurus ( 1 or 2 box)

Magmic Battleforge
Charnel Throne
Feculent Gnarlmaw ( 3 to 6 )

Van Saar,Chawdor, delaque,Orlock,Enforcers patrol ( up to 2 boxes each , low priority)

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