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Made in us
Thrall Wizard of Tzeentch

I have a large Thousand Sons Army that contains a large amount of Models that play in AOS Tzeentch. I also have 60+ Fenrisian Wolves Painted very well and based. I am looking to trade or sell them. Ill put what i am interested in below

Thousand Sons
Magnus (Painted Very well)
Ahriman W/Disc (Not attached to disc, primed white)
Deamon Primce Painted well w/Sword
Deamon Prince (Metal sculpt, bare)
Terminator Sorcerer (Primed Black)
Sorcerer On Disc (Bare Plastic)
Ahriman (30k Model on Custom Disc, Bare Plastic)
3 Sorcerers On Bike (Primed White)

25+ Rubric Marines (10 New scuplt Primed Black, 15+ Previous Metal and plastic Painted)
70 Tzangors (50 Painted, 20 Bare plastic All with blades)
20 Acolytes (Bare Plastic (Used as Cultist)

1 Shaman on Disc
5 Scarab Occult Term. (Primed Black, 1 with Reaper, 1 with rocket launcher)

9 Enlightened on Disc w/Bows
3 Spawn (Gore Beasts from the Chaos Chariot)

3 Mauler Fiends (All Lasher Tendrils, 1 Primed white, 2 primed Black)

10 Horrors Painted
3 Flamers (NOS)

AoS- Tzeentch (See Above)

Space Wolf
4 Thunder Wolf Cav. With Thunder Hammers (# Iron Priests, 1 Missing Back Pack, Painted very well)
2 Rune Priests on Bike (Painted Well)
60+ Fenrisian Wolves (Painted well)

Knights (Imperial or Chaos)
A new Army (Let me know)

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