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Made in gb
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

West Midlands

just thought Id list it all here before I put it all on ebay, ive got plenty of pictures just ask


stompa partially built all parts separate and a lot of extras
5x nobz painted
battle wagon death roller
20x melee boyz primed with body parts painted green
9x nobz - 6 primed black 2 painted funny 1 with no paint on
1x mega warboss picture attached
2x stock black reach warboss 1 painted 1 primed
2x custom black reach war bosses 1 painted fully 1 partially painted
1x ork trukk gw model but converted to resemble a tow truck (primed)
1x ork trukk with special rocket laucher boy (rather than the machine gun) primed
1 x ork baneblade (pictures attached literally a the most orkiest baneblade ever) unpainted
1x bnib ork scrapejet
1x battlewagon with some custom orkiness attached unpainted
1x blitzabommer primed black
1x burnabommer primed yellow
20x ork shoota boyz painted well
7x burna boyz primed black
4x burnaboyz and 1 mek none have backpacks on no paint
5x old metal meganobz
1x metal gazkull with changed arm grip to make him pose as hes crushing an imperial guard soldier
6x gretchin and 1 runtherder unmade


2x forgeworld cimera side armour unopened
2x chimera partial painted
2xleman russ
1x leman russ vanquisher
1x leman russ with knight commander pask
6x 10men squads each squad has a vox and a sgt some have heavy weapons teams some have heavy weapons soldiers pick and choose time
5x tempesious scions hq
1x sgt kell
1x ig hq
1x commisar
2x custom psyker officers


1x fireblade
7x tau warriors painted
5x xv25 suits painted
12x kroot warriors painted
12x tau warriors painted
6x various drones
1x xv88 battlesuit painted


1x forgefiend not painted
1x hellbrute unmade


1x doom scythe
1x cannontech spider
1x necron overlord

soon to be added is my sw army but i need to go through that
[Thumb - 20191019_161643.jpg]

[Thumb - 20191019_161125.jpg]

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