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I've decided to get myself a hobby-hobby. I'm going to start collecting FOW as primarily a shelf filler, but id also want a game every now and then. I'm confused as to which forces are in which books and could use some pointers.

I'm planning to Grab myself the German Starting Force Boxed set (£70, a5 rulebook + a decent selection of units) and my brothers thinking of British (and there starting army boxed set) Which book/s have the forces rules for these units? we're looking at M-L war so as our collections expand we ideally shouldn't need to pickup additional books unless theirs a ruleset upgrade.

First Purchases im thinking:

FOW Rulebook,
Fortress Europe,

Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated

Edit. Bro wants Brits!!


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You already have all you need to play your forces in LW, and units come with their cards in the boxes, so the "army books" are kinda optional.

If you want to go further, get D-Day : German, and in a couple months, D-Day : British when it's out.

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The starter army boxes come with the complete rule book so there’s no need to buy the hardback one.

If you plan on playing Germans, definitely buy the German D-Day book and have you brother buy the eventual British one as they both have a greater selection of units.

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Sort of related. Don't get hung up on just buying Battlefront miniatures and vehicles. Plenty of other quality 15mm manufacturers out there to choose from.

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Plenty of other games as well
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The great thing about having a good size force of WWI is that you can use it in so many games and situations.

I really should get one myself, but the period just doesn't do it for me as a gamer.

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I'm in the same position. I've got old V2 Flames of War forces for Britain and Germany, and I'm trying to find some rules to play with them. I'm considering the newest edition of Blitzkrieg Commander.

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You owe it to yourself to look up reviews on Battlegroup Kursk (and other Battlegroup titles).
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 Elbows wrote:
You owe it to yourself to look up reviews on Battlegroup Kursk (and other Battlegroup titles).


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Yeah for 15mm Battlegroup is king.

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I guess it depends on where you are. I can find Flames of War groups within 1 hour of myself. I've never even heard anyone at a actual game store talking about Battlegroup.

All I know about Battlegroup is it takes longer to play a game, and I've never seen a "event" being held for it.
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