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Made in us
Wicked Warp Spider


Here's what I have (all are unboxed unless otherwise noted. Pics available upon request):


Mordor Orcs (in box, on sprues)
Uruk-Hai Ballista (in box)
Uruk-Hai Battering Ram
Orc Shaman
Fellowhip Of The Ring (in box)
Kings Of Men (2)
Wildmen (3)
Cave Troll w/ Spear (2)
High Elves w/ Swords (3)


OOP GK Terminator Bodies (4)
OOP Thousand Sons Marines (8)
Fabius Bile body
OOP Marine Captain w/ Power Axe
SM Scouts w/ Bolters (2)
OOP Assassin (Eversor)
OOP Techmarine w/ Auspex & Bolter
OOP Legion Of The Damned Marine (Riveted Breastplate)
OOP Legion Of The Damned Marine (Winged Skull Breastplate)
OOP Legion Of The Damned Marine (Bone on Left Shin)
OOP Legion Of The Damned w/ Flamer
Techmarine w/ Power Axe & Bionic Eye
Librarian w/ Force Axe
Librarian (Codicier) w/ Force Staff
Stormtrooper w/ Lasgun (3, 2 w/o head)
Stormtrooper Sgt. w/ Laspistol, Sword, Bionics (w/o head)
IG Sgt. w/ Bolt Pistol & Chainsword
OOP Psyker w/ Autogun
IG Medic
IG Sgt. w/ Power Fist & Laspistol
IG Sanctioned Psyker 1
IG Sanctioned Psyker 2
IG Sanctioned Psyker 3
Tanith Ghost 3
Tanith Ghost 4
Lord Macharius (converted to HSO w/ Plasma pistol and Laspistol, undercoated brown)
Daemonhunter Acolyte w/ Plasma Pistol & Standard
Steel Legion Trooper
Steel Legion HB Loader
Steel Legion Trooper w/ Grenade Launcher
Iron Warriors Iron Priest body
Eldar Farseer w/ Singing Spear
Eldar Warp Spiders (4-5, undercoated red)
Ork Tankbusta bodies 1 & 2


Night Goblin Squig Noiser 1
Night Goblin Squig Noiser 2
Cave Squig 2
Cave Squig 3
OOP Orc Warboss w/ Axe & Sword
OOP Mounted Elector Count on horse w/ sword (Castle headpiece)
OOP Ungors w/ Spears (4)
Bretonnian Trebuchet (no crew)
Squire w/ Bow 1
Squire w/ Bow 2
Squire Command (3)
Unmounted Grail Knight
Unmounted Questing Knight
Unmounted Knight Of The Realm
Elector Count of Middenheim
Thyrus Gorman
Imperial Spearman 1
Imperial Spearman 2
Imperial Spearman 3
Imperial Spearman 4
Imperial Archer 4
Imperial Archer 5
Halfling Archer 1
Halfling Archer 2
Halfling Archer 3
OOP Halfling Command (4)
High Elf Hero 2
Swordmaster Of Hoeth 6
Shadow Warrior 1
Shadow Warrior 2
Shadow Warrior 3
Shadow Warrior 4
Shadow Warrior 5
Shadow Warrior 6
Dark Elf Shade 1
Dark Elf Shade 2
Skaven Assassin 2
Gutter Runner 1
Gutter Runner 4
Skaven w/ Slings (4)
Skaven Shaman
Pestigor 4
Unmounted Lahmian Vampire (w/ Snake)
Assorted Daemon Prince Bitz

Misc GW

OOP Epic Imperial Knight (?)
Mordheim Possessed body
Mordheim Possessed Acolyte 1
Mordheim Possessed Acolyte 2

Various Magic cards (most from Unlimited Ed. thru Kamigawa)

Various Star Wars CCG cards (Decipher)

Various Pirates Of The Spanish main cards

I'm looking for the following (high priority, but will consider most anything GW):


Kroot sprues & bitz
Plastic SM Scouts
Plastic SM Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles


Beastmen sprues & bitz
Medieval Horses
Champ Of Slaanesh
Daemonettes Of Slaanesh
Dark Elf Cauldron Hag

anything Necromunda

Possessed Magister w/ Spiked Mace
Mordheim Highway Man
Beastman Centigor

Bommerz Over Da Sulphur River game

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