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[H] Nids, SoB, Necron, Harlies Space wolf dice/cards/codex [W] $$$ or possibly other things [USA]  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


Tyranids: Nids: Some painted, some assembled, some NoS. Might peace out for the right trade.

60 termagaunts
10 hormagaunts
30 genestealers (some nos)
3 ripper swarm
1 trygon
2 foot tyrants
1 winged tyrant (pending trade)
1 carnifex
(please note there is a brown mawloc in the pictures; this has sold already and is not included)

Sisters of Battle start collecting box: 220 (to cover tax). Whole box, opened but complete.

Necron: NoS (Will not split)

12 warriors

Pix for sisters tyranids and necron:


Harlies/aldari: Fairly well painted, though scuffed on the fronts of the hulls and edges as seen in the picture (Will not split)

2 Skyweaver bikes
1 Wraithfighter painted in harlies
6 custom single rider jetbikes modded from a variety of elves


Space wolves: (no splits)
6 primed intercessors
1 space wolves dice
1 set of space wolf cards
1 codex

PM with offers, but please do not try to severely undercut. Probably will go for a little less than typical ebay on the non-sisters items, but will not do like, 30% of MSRP or some such. Prefer cash but will consider trades for most things other than the SoB: Looking for a Lord of Skulls (which I would also just pay cash for), a Wraithknight, plastic wraithlord, shining spears, warp talons, putrid blight haulers, a disco lord, new slaanesh demons, sisters of battle (basic infantry squads of the new kind) or anything well painted from daemons, csm, nids, or eldar.

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Added some items, knights sold
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