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Made in gb
Yellin' Yoof


I've got loads of orks, hundreds of boyz, lootas, killer kans, dreds, stormboyz, dakka jets and a stompa. If you've got ASoIaF stuff you want to swap give me a shout and we can work something out.
I've also got a scatterlaser jetbike army and a load of old school harlequins, plus some aspect warriors and vehicles. I've not played 40k in years so if you've got stuff I'm after, you'll get a good deal!
Photos of everything available on request.
Made in gb
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter

Soviet UK

I have 5 boxes of asoiaf stuff , stark heroes, stark sworn swords, mountain men, lanister heroes and lanister heroes, mostly unpainted but about 12 minis painted. All boxed. Is that of any interest, I am not at home at present will be tomorrow , so will double check what I have, pretty sure I have all the cards too.

IF any of this is of interest let me know and we can organise a swap for some orks

For mother Soviet scotland oh and I like orcs  
Made in gb
Yellin' Yoof


Sorry dude, I got everything I was after.
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