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Mega boss on mawkrusha - Strength from victory and wounds?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Regular Dakkanaut

I’m pretty sure how this interacts but I wanted to check here first.

As a mega boss on mawkrusha takes wounds it’s profile degrades like all behemoths.
Strength from victory allows him to gain a wound if he’s killed any models.
I’m assuming that these gained wounds can’t be used to prevent any degrading though.
So if he’s taken 5 wounds but also gained 5, he still counts as having taken 5 wounds.

As a part 2, if he were to be healed by a spell effect, I assume that this does help with the degrading as it’s healing wounds rather than adding additional ones.

Wanted to be sure on this as tracking them will be painful.
Will have to have a wounds suffered and wounds remaining marker.
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Brutal Butcher

Basically, correct. Strength from Victory increases the wounds characteristic, and does not remove wounds suffered.

As the brackets work on wounds suffered and not wounds remaining, these extra wounds wont help you go back up a bracket or keep you away from going down a bracket for longer.

Healing is different as it removes wounds suffered, which can of course cause you to go back up a bracket etc.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks, I just wanted to be 100% on this one.

Keeping him healed up shouldn’t be an issue but at least I know it’s a priority now.
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