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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all! Big Frostgrave collection to send off here. I've divided everything up into lots for convenience, some divisions were natural while some are a little arbitrary, but I'll cut you a good deal if you but one or more lots. I'll give you an even better deal if you take the whole collection off my hands. I'm asking for actual cost of shipping, so since these are metal and a bit heavy, it would be advantageous for you to take a larger number at once anyways.

Most of these are blister packs, but some don't have the original packaging and have been sorted with sandwich bags. Aside from a few bent parts that should be fixable, they are intact as far as I can tell. Happy to provide you photographs of the models if you're interested in buying, just ask!

Undead Encounters, 17 plastic figures, sealed bag
FGV 220 Cultist Captains
FGV 208 Cultist Thief and Barbarian
FGV 211 Cultist Knight and Templar
FGV 111 Lich and Apprentice
FGV 401 The Lich Lord
FGV 312 Wraith Knights

FGV 404 Gnoll Warchief
FGV 219 Gnoll Knight and Templar
FGV 218 Gnoll Tracker and War Hyena
FGV 216 Gnoll Thief and Barbarian
FGV 217 Gnoll Apothecary and Marksman

FGV 224 Barbarian Knight and Templar
FGV 405 Barbarian Chief
FGV 223 Barbarian Thief and Berserker
FGV 227 Barbarian Bard and Pack Mule

Support Crew
FGV 203 Apothecary and Marksman
FGV 244 Apothecary and Markswoman II
FGV 222 Assassin and Demon Hunter
FGV 204 Tracker (no warhound!)
FGV 245 Tracker (no warhound!)
FGV 205 Knight and Templar II
FGV 243 Knight and Templar III
FGV 206 Bard and Pack Mule
FGV 215 Trap Expert and Tunnel Fighter

Wizards and Classic Followers
FGV 103 Enchanter and Apprentice
FGV 105 Necromancer and Apprentice
FGV 108 Summoner and Apprentice
FGV 201 Thief and Barbarian
FGV 242 Thief and Barbarian II
FGV 212 Captains I
FGV 213 Captains II
FGV 214 Captains III
Made in us
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