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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I can send pictures of anything, just pm your email address. I have been in the hobby for 30 years now so I want to assure you, anything that has been assembled/primed/based, has been so with the utmost care. I really take care of my models, they are more than just plastic to me. If you are interested in something, PM me, I generally sell for 35% off, but am open to negotiation and the worst I can say is no. I am looking for a few things, but mostly just to get this stuff gone.

CASH- generally sell at 30% off (unless FW)
**Priority items
2 eldar war walker canopies
1 eldar tank canopy
1 Warlock Skyrunner

1 Box of Aggressors
1 box of Infiltrators/Incursors (could just use 5 of them so half a box)
Adeptus Titanicus- 2 Command Terminals for Warhound Titans

5 Dark Eldar Warriors
1 Dark Eldar Archon

Thousdand Sons Transfers (not the whole sheet)
Space Wolf Transfers (not the whole sheet)

Codex/Supplements- all in brand new condition
Codex Heretic Astartes
Planet Strike
Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress Datasheets booklet- datasheets
Warhammer 40k Codex Heretic Astartes Daemonkin booklet- datasheets
Wake the Dead booklet- datasheets
Shadowspear booklet- datasheets
Vanguard Space Marines booklet- datasheets
Space Wolf Second Edition Codex
Space Wolf 5th Edition Codex
Death Masque Rules
PlanetStrike Supplement
Will of Iron 40k Titan Comic from White Dwarf
Imperial Knight Renegade Rulebook
2 Playcards- Imperial and Renegade
Stormclaw Sanctus Reach Campaign Supplement
Warhammer 40k Psychic Powers Cards- 6th edition
Burning of Prospero Gameboard/Rules Set, dice, cards whatever you need (so everything but the miniatures)
Wake the Dead Rulebook

Dark Vengeance
1 Dark Angels Librarian Turmiel- missing the outstretched arm bit, otherwise all there.

Dark Eldar
Raider New on Sprue
3 Reavers, assembled well, no paint/primer
Dark Eldar Codex- newest
5th edition Dark Eldar Codex

Blackstone Fortress
4 Ur-Ghuls-NOS
4 Spindle Drones-NOS
Ratling Twins, Rein and Raus-NOS

OLD Games Workshop Hobby/Storage box- comes with saw, clippers, pin vise and bits, exacto knife and blades, 2 bits tubs, clamp and storage for 36 minis. The original 4 files are missing but I can sub in 4 of my own. Never used this.

6 Chaos Space Marine Chosen from Dark Vengeance
Word Bearers Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought- I received this in trade on Bartertown a year ago. I can't validate office FW but it looks fine to me.

Display for Magnus and Leman Russ where the two characters sit in it.

3 Inceptors- NOS
1 Lieutenant- NOS

Complete Game, played once
1 Orc Team- assembled very well
1 Human Team- assembled very well
1 Plastic Ogre player
1 Plastic Troll player (throwing goblin)
1 FW Mighty Zug
1 FW Morg 'N' Thorg

Adeptus Titanicus
1 Warlord Titan- NOS

Baggie of Space Wolf bits
Baggie of misc Fantasy bits
Falcon top hull bit
Also have alot of eldar bits

Computer Games-
Neverwinter Nights
NN Horders of the Underdark
NN Shadows of Undrentide
Neverwinter Nights 2
NN2 Mask of the Betrayer
NN2 Storm of Zehir
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Dragon Age Origins- Collectors
Dragon Age Inquisition
Dragon Age Awakening
Dragon Age 2

All in great shape, great games loved every minute of them, just give me something fair and they are all yours.

60mm rounds- 6
60mm plastic skimmer bases- 6-8 of them
bag of squares- cav bases, 40mm square, 50mm, some 20's and 25's
bag of 25mm round slotted bases
1 60mm dreadnought plastic base
some very nicely painted 25mm round bases, ancient ruins (painted/highlighted grey) with rubble and snow and dead grass. I removed my space wolves off these you could easily put other minis on them. Let me know if interested.

3 Scibor Egyptian Scenic pieces- 2 are on top of 30mm bases and 1 60mm base.

NEW WHITE DWARF MAGS ($3 each) All essentially brand new, flipped through once.
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