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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Last minute list decisions for a 1750pt Eternal War tournament this weekend! I know these aren't the most competitive but I can't change chapters!
So, which is going to most resilient.

1) Ultramarines:
Bobby G (Warlord)
Battalion with:
Tigurius, Chaplain Cassius
3 x 5 intercessor squads
2 x 6 man aggressor squads (Boltstorm)
Primaris Apothecary (Chief Apothecary, Father of the Future, Seal of Oath)
Leviathan (with 2 x storm cannons and 3 HK missiles)
Thunderfire cannon

This one is about the Bobby G bubble with 12 aggressors moving up the field. +1 to advance from bobby means they can move quickly t1 and then will just move normally t2 with the UM doctrine to fire twice. Leviathan for more firepower.

2) Salamanders
2 x Battalions with:
Chapter Master in Gravis Armor, Forge Master, The Salamander's Mantle, Warlord
Harath Shen
Primaris Chaplain Litany of Faith, Canticle of Hate,Master of Sanctity, Vulkan's Sigil
Primaris Librarian: 2) Fire Shield, 4) Drakeskin,
Primaris Lieutenants, Obsidian Aquila
4 x 5 Intercessor Squads (2 with Power Fists)
2 x 5 Scout Squads
6 Flamestorm aggressors
Redemptor Dreadnought
Fire Raptor Assault Gunship

Fire raptor is nasty with the +1 to W strat, though very flimsy for the points. Chapter master is t7 with -1 to wound for fun.

Which one is going to last longer? CA2019 Eternal War missions is mostly about objective control.

Thanks in advance!
Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

How'd the tournament go?

I just finished mine and it was also Eternal War. I feel that Ultramarines lack anti-tank and flyer threats How did you fair?
Made in hk
Steadfast Ultramarine Sergeant

For the Ultramarine one, maybe just take a normal Chaplain, give him the refund CP warlord trait.
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