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Made in au
Storm Trooper with Maglight

On the Commonwealth- Special Briefing paper to level three administration personnel to be assigned to the Commonwealth.- Inquisitor Saleen van der Mark

I have been granted acsess to the oldest records held by the Commonwealth, these hold great detail of the history and formation of the Commonwealth. I have included only relevant information for personnel in a general sense.

The sector simply known as the Commonwealth is on the very edge of the Astronmican's light in a region of space that was once part of a thriving human a civilization. Following the war with the iron men, and the tides of mass madness that characterized the age of strife in that region. Multiple xenos invasions and ork waarghs during this time undermined the civilization's ability to defend itself and once cooperative human civilizations turned on each other or turned to the worship of the dark gods. An estimated 89% of the human population in the region fell to chaos or were killed in the madness. A single sector, no more than eight solar systems, held. The people of these worlds made a charter that should one world be attacked, that the others would send aid. That their millitaries, fleets and citizenry would band together in times of strain. That if it came to it they'd die standing together against the darkness. That a pure and untained island of humanity would survive in defiance of a world of madness and xenos.

Imperial Contact
According to Imperial and Commonwealth records first contact was made some time before the Horus Heresy. In the dying days of the Great Crusade Iron Warriors garrison contingent 01834, headed by a Siege-master Varislav Kront along with two Solar Auxilia contingents and several Militarum Militia Regiments were dispatched to the fortress world of Jai'dun on the Eastern frontier. Their mission was to reinforce the world in response to Ork incursions in the sector, and if possible, eradicate the xeno presence once and for all. Warp drives were engaged and their ships plunged into the warp. But the warp roiled around their hulls, their ships shuddered and groaned. Caught in a storm and in very real danger of having their ships torn asunder in the immaterium the navigator on the lead vessel, the Iron Warrior's battle barge the Resolve, searched desperately for something, some sign to navigate by. Seeing a light in the distance he relayed it to the other ships of the fleet. The navigators strained to keep their ships on course, and many died. The fleet desperately exited the void, to find itself beyond the edge of the Imperium and having lost too many navigators to attempt to make it's way back to Imperial space.

The Resolve found itself hailed by what seemed to be the equivalent of an Imperial Battleship, three battle-cruisers and what looked like two transport ships of some description. Kront was wary of the fleet. He knew nothing of these ships and their capability. He was outnumbered, mainly having troop transports himself. When Siege-master Kront mentioned that he served the emperor of humanity who ruled from Terra the stand-off ended. Kront's fleet was escorted to world of Klomn and preliminary meetings were had to integrate the Commonwealth into the Imperium. When it was established Kront's fleet were untainted by the dark gods the escort fleet peeled away. The people of the Commonwealth had long viewed themselves as exiles, and had long held the birth place of humanity in a sacred light, it was after all why all of the planets of the Commonwealth had been re-formed with it's life. The people of the Commonwealth were anxious to reconnect ties with the lost homeland, and to this growing empire, that one day may well reconquer the worlds fallen to darkness.

After information was exchanged between the surviving navigators of the Imperial fleet and those of the Commonwealth, the Siegemaster's fleet was provided navigators and was soon in its way. Having successfully brought the sector into the light of the Emperor the Siegemaster and his fleet set course for Jai'dun.

The First Legion.
As part of the conditions of becoming part of the Imperium the Commonwealth was to provide soldiers to fuel the great crusade, but being far from Imperial space and having it's own strong navy it was to provide it's own transports and escorts. Ten billion of the finest fighting soldiers of the Commonwealth were assembled, men and women who'd fought long campaigns against the Orks and the armies of chaos. An army whose craft of war had been refined in the face of staggering odds. The Commonwealth fleet reached the imperial staging area above the Imperial world of Stririn XVI, but an effective command structure for the region was yet to be established and local authorities were as yet unable to provide for such a large force so suddenly. It was decided that the Commonwealth forces should be permitted to provide their own logistical support for the campaign.
Horus Heresy
The Commonwealth forces were out of position to respond to the Warmaster’s push for Terra. During the confusion that ensued from the battle on Terra the Commonwealth forces acted to put themselves in the path of the traitorous forces retreat to the Eye of Terror and fought until complete extinction against mainly traitorous Miltarum Militia and Solar Auxilia units. As soon as word reached the Commonwealth of the 1st Legion’s destruction two more were founded but arrived too late to interdict the retreating Chaos forces. Instead the 2nd and 3rd Legions were split up between Imperial Armies, but still being mainly logistically supplied directly from the Commonwealth. The 2nd and 3rd Legions took part in a myriad of campaigns during this time, attested to in their official histories and rolls of honour, the 2nd and 3rd Commonwealth Legions continue to serve throughout the Imperium. Currently there has been eight legions razed by the Commonwealth, as of the time of writing only the 1st Legion and the 6th Legion have been completely destroyed. Of note is the 4th Legion, which has, since it’s inception has only operated inside Segmentum Tempest which the Commonwealth borders.
Imperial History Religion:
The Commonwealth, with few exceptions believes that the galaxy is humanity’s to conquer, which could only be realised through the extermination of the xeno, mutant and heretic. What’s more they also believe that Terra, the home-planet of humanity is the most holiest of worlds, and that every single organism of Terra, being in common lineage with humanity holds the same right to the galaxy. In short the people of the Commonwealth do not just find sentient xenos abominable, but they also find every singe xeno organism abominable. This includes organisims that have bee known in the Imperium since history began . Which would go some way to explaining some of the early collateral damage caused by the deployment of the Commonwealth Legions to certain worlds. With this in mind the people of the Commonwealth view the emperor as the greatest being born of Terra and therefore do not question his right to the galaxy, and as their ruler. It is therefore natural that many worship him as a god, and many more as the greatest human, the greatest being of holy Terra, to ever have lived. This difference has seen some problems with the introduction of the Ecclesiarchy, as has the Commonwealth’s dislike of anything overtly zealous or theatrical and the Ecclesiarchy has not established itself outside the Imperial sectors of the planetary capitol cities. It does not help that the last three chaos cult uprisings to take place on Ardus and the last to occur on Klomn were lead by members of the Ecclesiarchy and mainly consisted of former Astra Militarum personnel that had been retired to those planets.
Cult Mechanicus:
Several exploriter fleets have come to search for STCs, set up bases and survey the worlds. The first fleet, from Gryphonne IV was lost to the void before it reached the sector. The second fleet from Gryphonne IV found a corrupted STC which corrupted their cybernetics and forced the components of their heavily augmented bodies to reject themselves. This fleet quarantined itself and died. A base was founded on Ardus and another on Karsk, new initiate’s bodies rejected cybernetical augmentation and died. The fact that the Mechanicus had started abducting citizens for recruitment very nearly lead to open hostility. With losses of vessels to void anomalies on the rise and no sucsessful local recruitment these Mechanicus bases were abandoned and all efforts were abandoned in the sector. Although it has been noted that the Mechanicus has a large presence on the Imperial world of Na’gralh As such outside my special position as Inquisitor and something of an Imperial envoy, and outside the Imperial Districts the Commonwealth has remained rather preserved of Imperial influence.
Imperial Administraion
The sector is almost entirely self independent and has remained that way since it joined the Imperium. The Adeptus Arbites have a prescience in the imperial sector of the capitol city of every planet and the Imperium maintains administration offices there, these administer to the accounting of planetary tithes and imperial personnel, operations and citizens planetside.

Planetary ecology:
Not much is known about the original indigenous ecology of the planets of the sector, as almost all indigenous life was extinct upon colonization. This fact is widely reported. The ancestors of the people of the Commonwealth were adept terra-formers and the planets were re-colonised, using the planet's original biomass. In short the Commonwealth is collection of worlds that were reformed in the image of old Earth. The worlds of Karsk, Ardus and Klomn are of note in ecology as they have become classified as ‘super worlds’ being more ecologically productive than a planet of it’s class. During the tyrannid wars, a splinter fleet of hive fleet Leviathan assaulted the sector after consuming it’s way through several systems. The Commonwealth managed to defeat this fleet and successfully re-terraform Ardus, and several other worlds sharing it’s solar system(that had been consumed by this fleet). It is my opinion that after this conflict the bodies of the hivefleet were used in terra-forming, or enhancing the worlds of the Commonwealth and hence giving them such a ratio of biomass to planetary size that would facilitate this level of production.
The world of Thyrn is of note as very little of the planet’s crust is above the surface of it’s great oceans, despite this the planet is heavily populated, and is an important manufacturing world. Most of the planetary population lives in cities built on the sea floor. Of note about Thyrn is it’s three belts of orbiting debris which are home to the sector’s largest military dockyards, many hundreds of habituated stations and extensive defensive stations. Being a population that largely lives either below the sea’s surface or in orbital stations it is not surprising that the Thryn military has become adept at fighting in these environments. It is not surprising that Thryn has some of the best void-marines (their equivalent to our navy armsmen, but differing in that their infantry forces are equipped completely with void suits and are tasked to defend or assault orbital stations and are train as such) and hydro-marines, which are adept at sub-oceanic warfare and amphibious assaults onto land. Thyrn has traditionally had a very defensive mindset, which suits it well to re-joining with the Imperium, and puts it at odds with Karsk’s mindset of aggressively pursuing the destruction of the Commonwealth’s enemies.
Over half of Karsk’s crust is made up of hive spires and city-scape. The rest is absolute wilderness. These cities reach down into the crust in much the same way as they reach towards the sky. The cities feature hydroponic farming and thermal power generators heated by the core of the planet which make the cities totally self-sufficient. The people of Karsk worship the Emperor, of course, and also the core of their world, which they refer to as ‘the dragon’. Ore is taken down to foundries deep within the core and smelted with the heat of the planet’s core. The forges and foundries of Karsk make high grade metals, with casted adamanium from Karsk being of legendary status. The great forges of Karsk neither employ armour welding nor bolting for vehicle armour, instead entire vehicle hulls are forged from giant billets of metal inside the giant forges. Karsk is a highly militarised society with complete conscription and defensive districts. The people of Karsk make extensive use of reptilian chimeraeids that have been genetically augmented, remarkably so that these creatures are capable of natural reproduction, a testament to Karsk genetic science. These creatures vary in size and role, from the ubiquitous household dog sized Drak-hound to the Ogryn sized Drak-hunter which in it’s basic form used in shock assaults. Traditionally Karsk has never seen eye to eye with Thryn both planets being major manufaturering rivals, and having very different views on the sanctity of the genetics of creatures from Terra.
Klomn is a oddly unique society, being at once very liberal on the surface with a government system that is democratic, while simultaneously having an extremely traditional and conservative core culture which swiftly culls anything deemed unacceptable. The planet is also home to a class of business-landowner nobility who rely on anything from tenant’s rents to profit from manufacturing firms. In the past this nobility has been instrumental in the defence of the planet and the Commonwealth’s wars, and has been become an integral para-military force. Many of these nobles can afford top end military hardware, in some cases manufactured at their own firms. It is common to see Klomn nobles wearing powered carapace armour, heavier marks of power armour and making use of armoured fighting vehicles. Introduction of restrictions based on weight class and number of vehicles have been put in place to stop any of these dynasties from becoming too powerful and since then mechanised battlesuits such as Armiger and Knight class titans have become very popular. Klomn, has conscripted service of two years, this is more of a basic training to make the population battle-ready and capable of fighting in most regions of the planet should the need arise. All soldiers from Klomn that are part of Commonwealth Sector forces or Commonwealth Legions are professional soldiers who willingly joined the military. Of note is that traditionally Klomn has been the mediator of the Commonwealth, especially in conflicts or releveling tensions between Karsk and Thryn. This being said Klomn is a territory long coverted by Calathia, apparently having several large wars in antiquity and more recently having wars even after entry into the Imperium.
The largest single member of the Commonwealth, the empire of Urothria contains two whole solar systems, an emperor, and many million citizens. Urothria's hives are reminiscent of those found on worlds such as Armageddon design, and are divided on lines of prosperity, the Urothrian military works in a similar fashion, with regiments being drafted from the lower levels generally being given rather basic combat armour and robust las-rifles while drafted troops form the upper levels generally fill out the more prestigious units. Ironically in some cases this leads to a disproportionate level of casualties from troopers in the upper classes as these better motivated and excellently equipped units are relied on more heavily. Drafting ages are low in Urothria, it's a common saying that you'll know your first firefight long before you know your first love. For the young Urothrian culture is vicious, a situation only improved after service time is ended, only after three years service are citizens educated. This is likely a overpopulation control measure. Urothria is a rival of Calathia and has been a supporter of Klomn independence. Seemingly contray to the similarities between Klomn and Calathian culture and isparity with Urothrian.
A planet of garden cities Calathia is the centrepiece of the Republic of Calathia that actually spans three solar systems and out of all members of the Commonwealth and has one of the largest populations. This Republic is largely self-sufficient manufacturing most of it’s equipment from starships to civilian vehicles, many of which are exported to other worlds in the Commonwealth and also into neighboring sectors. The cities of Calathia differ from the usual hives of such heavily populated worlds by being squat and usually covered with foliage, most cities have their own gardening traditions and styles. The Calathian Republic is not without it's issues, Calathia has had may insurrections and rebel groups, some have even matured into irreplaceable components of the governing system. A prime example is a group known as UNI-Contracting, originally a military unit the 812th Army that was disbanded, facing no future to go towards the soldiers refused this order and kept their weapons, in a period of mismanagement on the behalf of authorities it evolved steadily into a fully fledged conflict between government forces and the 812th. After years of hostile resistance authorities and the 812th eventually came to an agreement, but the issue was then that most of the 812th Army only knew soldiering. This lead to the establishment of UNI-Contracting, a Commonwealth mercenary company that now handles all contracts in the Commonwealth and has a big hand in contracts all over Segmentum Tempestus.
Sources indicate Illura was at one point a colony of Karsk, which entered some kind of dark age, possibly related to warp activity in it’s solar system. At some point the planet devolved into a feral world. Great hive cities were grown over by forests. When the Commonwealth first formed this planet it’s system and resources were seen as critical to survival. A war was waged on the planet’s surface between tainted populations, chaos regulars from outside the sector, and a confederacy of allied tribal groups backed by Commonwealth ground and space forces. Illura was brought into the Commonwealth at the same time it was brought into the space-age. But the people of Illura held firmly to their traditions, as it was these traditions that had seen their survival in the times of madness. As a result most of the Illura population live a strange existence somewhere between feral and civilised. Illura’s main export is personnel, with service to the Commonwealth almost being a rite of passage to Illura’s youth. It is common to see soldiers from Illura wearing traditional warpaint and carrying painted trophies on the battlefield.

A world of great extremes, Ardus is easily the most invaded planet in the Commonwealth, with sector forces only recently vanquishing an ork waaargh. The planet and most of the solar system it administers to has been consumed by a tyrannid fleet and re-terraformed. Ardus is a testament to Commonwealth tenacity and Commonwealth terra-forming know how. It does not look like a planet that has been stripped of life and had hundreds of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons set off upon it’s surface. The Gauel valley is a region that promises the best approach to the capitol; Ardus city hives and the critical space ports and has in every war been contested. As a result the Ardus hive has been heavily reinforced and features several macro gun emplacements. The people of Ardus revere their planet as mother, creator and nurturer but also as the discerning bringer of death to those that would cross her. The population of Ardus is trained to defend itself and it’s planet since the age of fifteen. Should the planet be invaded militia units are organised to augment the Planetary Defence Force. Ardus is also a permanent deployment zone for Commonwealth Sector forces and features three major bases. Because Ardus has often been the frontline, it is seen as a critical for Commonwealth Sector forces to continue to practice military cooperation through exercises. It is also critical that every member of the Commonwealth show solidarity by having troops planet-side should an invasion take place.

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Made in au
Storm Trooper with Maglight

My Army

My Army Overveiw:

My army is a combined arms battle group made up of units from several Commonwealth regiments, it includes and will include and will display:
Line units: Mechanised, Armoured, Tank, Heavy tank and Motorised
Specialist Detachments/attachments
Special Operations units
Fast Air Cover
Loitering Air Cover
A fleet asset
Militia/paramilitary elements

Of course this as an ambitious project but this is my hobby so...
Most of the units listed here are not complete and are a WIP. So I hope you enjoy.

Special operations units in completion:
51/22nd Calathian independent Urban warfare Commando Regiment- Battle Ready

621st Commonwealth Orbital Response Regiment
9x Mech soldiers
1x Firesupport Mech - unit require drop pods

033rd Aleasian Airborne - Battle Ready
Stormtrooper Demi platoon

2x fire teams
1x command team
1x support platform

Line Units in completion:
132nd Commonwealth Combined Rifles Regiment

1x rifle Platoon complete
Consisting of:
3x rifle sections
1x platoon command section
1x platoon heavy weapons section

Standard rifle section:
1x sergeant/corporol
1xvox operator
1xLight machine gunner
6x Riflemen

Platoon command section:
Senior NCO
combat medic
vox operator with master vox set

Heavy weapons section:
2x 50mm Mortars
2x medium machinegun teams

Un-attached infantry:
1x Complete section
15x riflemen
2x medium machineguners

Transport and fire support:
2x Rhebok IFV/APC vehicles
1x Rhebok Fire-support version

From Company/Battallion
6x sappers
16x weapons specialists
2x scout snipers
3x Skystrike Man portable air defence missile launchers
1x battlefield portable close in RADAR system
1xheavy bolter
1x light carriage mounted plasma cannon
1x light carriage mounted las-cannon
1x Griffon Hawk ATGM team
2x light carriage mounted howitzers
2x light carriage mounted auto cannon
2x Armoured cars complete - Organic recon platoon
3x Galen Patrol vehicles
1x primaris psycher
1x battle psycher
1x Chaplain
1x Commissar
1x Commissar Lord
1x surveillance car
1x Flamethrower assault vehicle

84th Karsk Guards Grenadiers Assault Corp

4x Grenadiers
1x Heavy flamer
2x Vindicator siege guns

7/4th Ardus Armoured Regiment
1x tankette tank hunter

121st Ardus Tank Regiment
2x Wurm A31 Avenger suppression tanks/ 2x Wurm battle tanks
2x Crusader battle tanks/ 2x Crusader Battle tanks

7/29th Klomn Tank Regiment
2x Kangaroo Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicles (Formerly 29th Mounted Rifles)
3x Cavalry Reconnaissance mounted infantry sections

81st Klomn Cuirassier
1x Heavy Tank[spoiler]

Paramilitary units in completion
de' Kanin Knight retinue

1x Knight Armiger 'Roche'
5x Dismounted imperial knights in powered harness
3x Knight mech pilots on foot, outside of harness

Gauel Valley militia
Gauel Valley Police contingent - Battle Ready

Gauel Valley Militants

7x Millita rocket launcher team
1x Heavy tank Annihilator/Exterminator/Conqueror
1xArmoured technical

Cult Militants
5x Zealots
1x Psyker

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Made in au
Storm Trooper with Maglight

51/22nd Calathian independent Urban warfare Commando Regiment- Battle Ready
Unit Overveiw- Medium sized infiltration/assault team. Elite urban warfare unit. It must be noted this unit is not intended for extended deployments or long range patrolling behind enemy lines, as equipment and training are not tailored to this. This is an elite heavy infantry unit that is capable of infiltrating short distances behind enemy lines to carry out sabotage and assault operations and should be deployed accordingly.
15x Urban commandos
2x Fast deployment MRAPs

The purpose of this unit is to take part in both intense urban warfare in conjuncture to line units or during infiltration of enemy lines, and in counter terrorism missions. As such the unit is kitted with a large array of special equipment and weapons. It was likely founded to combat native Calathian insurrectionists and other terrorist groups within the Republic of Calathia and has also adapted to fight within mega-cities and hives. Calathian urban commando units have seen service with all Commonwealth legions and have seen service on many imperial worlds.
The unit is equally suited to raiding and sabotaging positions behind the enemy front line as they are to storming enemy strong points.

Every member of this regiment is kitted in a self-supporting heavy carapace harness of Calathian manufacture. The armour is not powered but is designed to assist and support the user's own strength and is designed to ensure silent movement which would be impossible in a servo assist or powered harness. It is not powered but relies on a simple fibre-muscle system that responds to the user.

The heavy visored helmet contains night vision and targeting systems to assist in low light conditions and during fast paced combat. It is designed to be very protective, even in close quartes engagements, the visor severely restricts vision when lowered, but a target tracking system built into it helps the commando to track enemies on the battlefield. Visors are generally only lowered when a threat is immediate and close, or when nuclear, biological and chemical hazards are on the battlefield as they are sealed with built in filtering and fully protective.

Every member of the regiment carries a silenced weapon of some description the most common being the D168 semi-automatic/pump-action shotgun or the C-014 'Crocodile' submachinegun.
Both weapons are extremely effective at close range against light to mediumly armoured targets using conventional ammunition. The C-014 is loaded with specially designed ammunition which consists of a conventional hollow pointed jacketed round with a hardened armour piercing pin in it's centre. If the round hits flesh it expands causing maximum trauma, if the round hits armour the bullet deforms and the pin is driven through making the weapon effective against heavily armoured targets. This pin is weighted at one end and sharpened on one end so that it naturally tumbles, thus causing additional trauma to the target.
The D168 can be loaded with a armour piercing krack round, which is devastating in close quarters, acting much like a bolt round, although it is inaccurate at longer distances. Every soldier carries grenades, magnetic mines, breaching charges and melta bombs and the section also makes use of laser wire mines. Every member of this team is kitted with a close quarters weapon and troopers selected for breaching duty and NCOs are generally given powered weapons, as this is an elite unit.

All Commando teams include a marksman, armed with a C-211 silenced rifle for close engagements. The weapon fires a similar round as the C-014 but with a longer case length and lengthened projectile for added stability and lethality. This weapon features a fully integrated silencer and is extremely quiet, sounding not much more that 'a soft clap'. The Marksman may also or alternatively carry a BSE QC21 Anti-material rifle. This weapon is generally used to kill targets in cover, or at extreme ranges. When armed with armour peircing rounds it is lethal to heavily armoured soldiers and any xeno analogue at all ranges.

All Commando teams also carry a general purpose machinegun. Generally the Calathian MG21-ML which is the accuratised version. This weapon is generally also given an optical scope, as it is one of the only weapons this team carries that is capable of engaging enemies at longer ranges. This weapon has a bi-pod and can be used in semi automatic mode for precision fire.

All weapons are finished in a durable tan ceramic coating, and armour is painted in a distinctive blue-beige-black distortion scheme which acts to confuse the outline of the wearer rather than conceal them as most engagements are in close quarters.

As the primary purpose of the Urban assault commando is to engage enemy infantry within the confines of buildings most teams will have large breaching shields which will shrug off small arms fire and any form of unpowered melee weapon at point blank range.

Dust Team - Medium infiltration/assault team.

Dust team is armed with a KA-M-41 melta gun. This weapon was designed on Karsk, and was modified from imperial designs. Built under licence it is the standard melta weapon of the commonwealth arsenal. It lacks the same amount of punch of imperial melta guns, but has been deemed to be adequate for purpose, but is half the size of prevailing imperial patterns and is much lighter.

Dust team also carries a MGL-71.

This team is equipped with an RL-G 7 rocket launcher, a very basic and common weapon throughout the Commonwealth it has found a place with the Urban Commando for it's simple versitilty and low cost several. Although anit-personnel fragmentation and krak are the most common warheads used on this weapon this unit also makes use of phosphourex, melta, incendiary, air burst, and flechette warheads.

Dust team also includes a FP-12 thermo-baric rocket launcher team. It fires a rocket containing a large purified promethium load which bursts on impact, the promethium mixes with air and ignites causing a violent explosion. The blast is sufficent to burst a human's lungs at forty metres. This weapon is capable of killing any kind of enemy that is not sufficiently pressure protected within twenty five metres of the blast centre regardless of cover. This weapon can be irreplaceable in urban warfare.

Dust team has two Graff-Whitely ADV-S31 Warthog fast deployment vehicles as dedicate transports, these vehicles are designed to run very quiet with little engine or tyre noise. The vehicle is proof against small arms fire but it is standard practice for the Commandos to ride on the vehicle's wide running boards allowing them to able to dismount instantly or to engage threats with silenced small arms fire. The vehicle is designed to have a minmal RADAR profile from the front, back, sides and roof and the back of the vehicle is a large cooling plate that mixes outside air with exhaust to lessen it's heat signature. The vehicle is painted in the Commandos distinctive distortion scheme. The driver sees via an array of cameras on the front of the vehicle and the vehicle gunner, seated next to the driver, operates a remote weapons station mounted on the back of the vehicle. These vehicles also carry extra ammunition, ordinance and other supplies for the commandos, allowing for stealth re-supply behind enemy lines for longer running operations.
Other transports can be assigned to this unit as per mission requirements. In full on assaults the commandos will generally be given priority and thus deploy from heavy APCs/IFVs.

Armament consists of:
2x Griffonhawk ATGM launchers side by side
1x AGS 21 40mm Automatic grenade launcher
6x smoke dischargers which contain chaff to confuse thermal optics.

There is few other units more suitability equipped or trained to fight in an close packed urban environment in the armies of the Commonwealth, and have proven themselves time and time again in conflicts throughth the Commonwealth and Imperium at large.

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Made in de
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Very beautiful work. The camo scheme fits perfectly and the muzzle flashes really bring them to live. Also cool and detailed lore on this unit.

~5100 build and painted 
Made in au
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Cheers Pyro

Made in au
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Gauel Valley Police contingent - Battle Ready
Force overveiw:
17 Police personnel
2x Modified Police Patrol vehicles
1x Police APC

This force represents the response of the Gauel Valley Constabulary to the invasion. Ardus is an armed planet and there is the ever present threat of invasion, therefore the police forces are quite militairsed, and well organsied to deal with the eventuality of conflict. Unfortunately many police personnel were among the forces that turned to the side of the invaders during the current crisis so this force can equally portray those turncoats. The force is fully moblised and is organsied into small fire teams for better unit cohesion and to appropriately fit transport capabilities. All vehicles are fitted with police radios and therefore the force can coordinate more effectively than most militia forces when operating in a close proximity to their vehicles.

The force consists of two security teams, each a five man fire-team centered around a Orphalius Ordinance A34 medium machinegun, this weapon is hard hitting against light to mediumly armoured infantry and light vehicles and is one of the most common machineguns in service with Commonwealth forces. The machinegun has proven more than effective on battlefields throughout the galaxy and is reliable, and easily manufactured. The rest of the team carries a mixture of M82 semi automatic rifles, the ubiquitous KSR 83 and MP-81 submachineguns, all of which are common among Ardus security personnel. Security teams such as this maybe called on to man checkpoints, man strong points or aid in providing firesupport to other Commonwealth forces. Members of the security teams are drawn from police patrol personnel.

A two man sniper team is included in the force, it consists of two police marksmen with accuratised M82 semi automatic rifles fitted with mid range scopes. These personnel are employed in peace time in hostage situations and are the best marksmen of the local area's police force and are given additional training, they usually perform as patrol personnel, albeit with their marksman rifle stowed in their patrol vehicle. On the battlefield these personnel act as scouts and also to eliminate enemy weapons or command personnel.

There is also a police riot team, a five man section centred round a grende launcher, members of the section carry model 81 pump action shotguns, which are capable of firing a wide range of nonlethal ammunition, along with lethal ammunition. The team is also armed with a Stergis type 21 30mm revolving grenade launcher, a common and well respected weapon in use with many forces in the Commonwealth and outside it. It can fire multiple types of non lethal as well as ordinace ammunition, it s a versatile and reliable weapon. The section is trained to clear buildings along with crowd dispersal tactics making it most suitable for close quarters combat should the need ever arise.

The Police force has a wheeled chimera APC, which is generally used against hostile militia or during riot control operations, it is rugged and reliable. The vehicle is amphibious and it's armour is proof against small arms fire. Wheeled chimeras are very common civilised worlds where road networks are in place and wheeled vehicles are common as additional training for vehicle driver is not required. The vehicle is much easier to maintain and is cheaper and faster to run than the tracked version. The vehicle carries a multi-laser and a heavy bolter, both of which can be used non-lethally during riot control situations. In conflict with lethal ammunition both weapons are capable of destroying lightly armoured vehicles, and damaging mediumly armoured vehciles, they are also effective against power armoured infantry.

In response to the evolving situation the police force has also modified two of their patrol cars. In this part of Ardus rugged 4x4 utilites are the most suitable vehicle to carry out policing duties for a number of reasons. Firstly these are some of the most common vehicles in this region so spare parts and unit cost is low, the tray of the vehicle offers a lot of utility. One vehicle has been modified to be a troop carrier, it is armed with the ubiquitous M2 Browning heavy machine gun or heavy stubber mounted on a fully traversing mount with a hatch. The rear of the vehicle is proof against small arms fire, but the front of the vehicle is largely unarmoured as not to slow the vehicle down, or hinder engine performance. The second vehicle is armed with a salvaged chimera turret which is mounted on a pipework frame in the tray of the vehicle. It is armed with a multi-laser and is armoured on the front of the engine and on the frontal arc of the crew compartment. This vehicle has minimal armour so as not to slow it down, the armour is on the front of the vehicle so that hopefully it won't be immoboilised by damage to the engine or the death of the vehicle driver.

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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Very nice background on that force. The amount of thought and detail you put in there, like weapons, training, advantages and disadvantages of the vehicles, really rounds them up. It's also an interesting take that a lot of police personell joined the invasors. Makes for some pretty intense fluff when these guys have to go up against former colleagues.

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Storm Trooper with Maglight

033rd Aleasian Airborne - Battle ready

This unit is an elite airbourne storm trooper contingent from the Imperial world of Aleasia, which have deployed during the later stages of the Ardus conflict alongside other units of the imperial relief contingent. The unit us suited to assault operations behind enemy lines and as a fast reserve force. It generally deploys via single use grab-chutes as further use of their grav-chutes after landing is hindered by their heavy carapace armour and the imbalance of carrying the comparatively heavy magnetic weapons. The stormtroopers wear advanced carapace armour and helmets with in built NBC filters, targeting sensors and thermal and night vision optics.The standard infantry weapon of the Aleasian Airbourne Stormtrooper units is the A21 Phobos Pattern mag-rifle, which is widely considered a temperamental, if powerful weapon that can catastrophically fail with disastrous results if not adequately maintained. This is why the weapon is not widely issued and is rare in the 41st millennia generally being replaced by hellguns and hotshot lasguns.

The demi-platoon consists of a command section, two fire teams and a light missile support platform. The A8 'Stinger' support platform is commonly seen among elite units, it is capable of carry fragmentation, krack and incendiary missiles. This vehicle is not robotic, but rather is a highly augmented servitor, it is semi autonomous and can be controlled directly via a data slate. The Command section consists of a scout with camo-cloak, a radio operator an officer and a mechanicus trained junior officer both of which carry data slates and small ballistic carbnes for personal defence. One fireteams is built around a trooper equipted with a Phobos pattern mag-machinegun, this weapon is effective against heavy infantry, and light vehicles at all ranges and in close and medium range can reliably breach power armour. The weapon builds up heat quickly and cannot sustain heavy fire over long periods. If this weapon is allowed to over heat several times without a full replacement of the barrel assembly it can generate a all of plasma within it's magnetic field and catastrophically explode. Although it's devastating capabilities are not easily replaced, so it has always found a place within elite units, generally being handled by specially trained soldiers who know to handle it with upmost respect. The second is built around a Phobos pattern autolaser which is more effective against light troops and can sustain fire over a long period at long ranges when atmospheric conditions are conductive. This weapon is irreplaceable in its ability to pin down light troops and hold off determined assaults.

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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Really great unit. I love the camo scheme, even now looking at the photo I have to really concentrate to discern single troopers. I also really appreciate the kind of "equipment and service" fluff you write. It really gives your squads character.

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Thanks pyro, I enjoyed painting them, Splinter camo always looks great.

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Its been a while but.....

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Whole army pic, as it has been a bit more than a year since the first one.

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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Nice additions. And I admire how you structure all your models like a real world army

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Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

Very cool army and background.

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Thanks Kid and Pyro
I like making up the background and organisation as much as I like making the army.

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