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Hey, folks! I'm looking for some new terrain for my table, and I've always loved GW 40K ruins. I'm not necessarily looking for the current stuff (Sector Imperialis, etc.), although I'm open to hearing what you've got. I really like the older buildings/ruins like the old Manufactorum, Basilica Administratum, etc.

I'm also open to large or small bits lots, because I love kitbashing GW buildings too.

I also know that there are some great 3D-printed 40K ruins out there, although I don't have a 3D printer myself. If you've got some of that stuff for sale/trade, I'd be open to hearing about it.

Let me know what bits or complete ruins you've got, and we can try to work a deal out. If you're interested in 40K trade, let me know what you might be looking for. I've got a lot of models and bits for Daemons, CSM, Dark Angels, and vanilla Marines; 2 Aegis Defense Lines, plus others. I'm happy to work out a partial trade plus money.

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