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Made in us
Combat Jumping Ragik

Hey all, doing some cleaning and getting rid of games I just don't play (Malifaux) and projects I'm never going to actually start (More infinity armies)

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/kpTIQw5 - More pictures can be taken on request. These images are just to verify I actually own the models, the username is my reddit handle, I will be posting there as well.

- willing to part out as well. larger orders = better deals.

Please note $$$ is not listed here. I am not looking to buy your stuff. Please do not PM me with sales pitches, lists of models for sale, links to your ebay / sale post etc.


O-12 Half of wildfire NIB
Ariadna Army pack NIB
Tohaa Starter NIB
Neoterran Starter - unassembled but cleaned
Shock Army of Acontecimento starter



Limited Edition Hannah
Pere Ravage
Ashes & Dust (Including both Ahsen and Dust core)
Copycat Killer
Giant Mosquito x2
Silurid Gupp
Steampunk Abomination x3
Desolation Engine
Bayou Gremlins x3
Malifaux Rat
Voodoo Doll
Hollow Waif
The Stolen x2
Mindless Zombie x3
Deperate Merc (Female)
Mature Nephilim
Scales of Justice
Ronin x3
Ophelia Lacroix
Slop Hauler
Punk Zombies x3
Freikorpsman x2
Hog Whisperer
Gun Viktoria
Somer Teeth original
Somer Teeth alt sculpt
Rami Lacroix
Nurses x2
Francois Lacroix
Ice golem
Flesh Construct
The Drowned x2


Dead Rider
Rusty Alice
Zombie Dogs x4
Crooligans x3
Rotten Belle x3
Bete Noir
Guild Autopsy x3
Rat Catcher x2
Freikorps with Flamethrower
Punk Zombie x3
Crooked man x3
Necropunk x2
Malifaux Rat x9
Dead Doxy x2
Flesh Construct
The stolen x3
Vulture x2
Drowned x1
Freikorpsman x2
Freikorps Librarian
Viktorias (both)
Razorspine Rattler
Desperate Merc (male)
Freikorps TRapper
Onryo x2
Gaki x2
Madame Sybelle
Jack Daw
Lost Love
Avatar Kirai
Limited Edition Convict Gunslinger
Datsue Ba
Seishin x4
Necrotic Machine
Rogue Necromancy
Hamlin avatar (Just hamlin, not the whole scenic base)
Obedient Wretch
Guild Watcher

Also have the whole Dead Justice Box Set painted


All must be unpainted, primed maybe ok.


Khador - Warjacks and MoW. Including colossals and Battle Engines
Minions - Dracodile, Blindwater army box, Gator beasts
Ret - Battle Engines, Fane knight guardian, Destors
Skorne - Battle Engines, Rasheth, Venator units
Infernals - Any


Open to pretty much anything not Guard or Apes. No 3-D prints, official product only.

Infinity, I have most of what I want but may be open to offers if value is right or I don't have it.

Combined Army

40k Drukhari:

Kabalite Warriors
Incubi (Metal or plastic, no resin)
Drazhar (new sculpt)

MERCS 2.0: Not Texico/USCR

Always accepting of cash via paypal or postal money order.

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Trade rules: lower rep trades ships 1st. - I ship within 2 business days, if it will be longer I will contact you & explain. - I will NOT lie on customs forms, it's a felony, do not ask me to mark sales as "gifts". Free shipping applies to contiguous US states. 
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