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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Hi all.
Recently decided to give Nighthaunt a go as I’ve had models collecting dust for some time.

At a glance, they seem quite dependant on their hero’s.
is there any sort of happy medium for them? Currently they are looking as if hero’s will eat up a lot of points and not leave much room so just wondering what people would suggest.

The core of the army will be 2 blocks of 40 rasps and a pair of mournguls at 2k.

Hero wise, I’m torn.

Guardian of souls - pure buffer with some magic.
This one is looking almost like an auto take with a lantern.

Knight of shrouds with steed - more so for his buffs to attacks than anything as it will raise damage potential by a lot.

Spirit torment - his abilities alone seem to make him worth while more than anything.

Kurdoss - seems to be designed as a beat stick but a very fragile one at that, not seeing a huge benefit from him.

Lady Olynder - seems to basically be for generating stacks of mortal wounds.
While fragile, I could bubble wrap her with rasps to keep her a lot more safe than kurdoss.
Doesn’t seem like an auto take but does seem solid.

All of this seems great, but at 2k I’ve used just over 1,100 on 2 battle line and 2 behemoths already.
Should I chop this back?
Basically don’t want to pour all my points into hero’s and have no real army around them.

So, anyone have any advice for 2k games please?
Hoping to have enough points free for a unit of bladegheists.
Also, 3rd battle line? Wondering what to add in here.
Tempted with a small cheap option like spirit hosts at min size just to save on points really.
Made in gb
Brutal Butcher

I would consider Guardian of Souls and Spirit Torment as absolutely mandatory. If you're taking thay many Rasps you may as well use the Chainguard battalion too.

Knight of Shrouds on Steed would be good with huge units of Rasps too. Agree with your assessment of the named characters. Decent but not mandatory.

You already have over 80 models so I wouldnt worry about not having any army!

Bladegheists are good, so if you like the models too I'd look there to fill out the rest of your list.

Possible list:

++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Death - Nighthaunt) [2,000pts] ++

+ Leader +

Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed [120pts]

Spirit Torment [120pts]

+ Behemoth +

Mourngul [280pts]

Mourngul [280pts]

+ Battleline +

Spirit Hosts [120pts]: 3 Spirit Hosts

Spirit Hosts [120pts]: 3 Spirit Hosts

+ Other +

Bladegheist Revenants [180pts]: 2x 5 Bladegheist Revenants

+ Battalion +

Battalion: Chainguard [820pts]
. Chainrasp Horde: 4x 10 Chainrasps
. Chainrasp Horde: 4x 10 Chainrasps
. Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern: Chill Blade

+ Allegiance +

Allegiance: Allegiance: Nighthaunt

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks stux.
Really liking that list you posted to be fair.

Only thing I’d be tempted with is dropping 3 spirits and shaving a few points.
Could free up enough for something else a bit more useful really.

Relics wise I’m looking at the last lantern as it boosts the rate that chainrasps revive even more.

Since I get another relic anyway, the extra 3” movement bubble also seems decent.
Made in gb
Brutal Butcher

Bare in mind you do need 3 Battleline at 2k, so you would need something else in addition to the Chainrasps. You could do that with just 1 unit of 3 Spirit Hosts though. Or you could drop both and take a unit of Grimghast Reapers, who are very killy but quite squishy.

I wouldnt underestimate Spirit Hosts though, they're pretty good. Lots of wounds for their cost, and the mortal wounds they'll deal can stack up.

Yeah, that lantern is always a good pick.

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

I’d have the min hosts unit to fill that 3rd battle line choice luckily.

Grimghasts were a thought though as while they are squishy, they would have to pick between killing them or trying to thin out 2 max blocks of rasps before they hit them.

I do like spirit hosts though, but 120 points for a low wounds count and an average of 1 MW each per turn just doesn’t do much.
They seem a lot better in mass with a black coach about due to it bringing back D3 models rather than wounds.
Made in gb
Brutal Butcher

Grimghasts are battleline too, so if you take them you could drop the Spirit Hosts entirely. That would give you 60 points to spare, for an endless spell or an extra Command Point.
Made in gb
Member of a Lodge? I Can't Say


Dreadblade harrows are a great hero choice. Take them as your general and teleport units about and give him ruler of the spirit host
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

 Motograter wrote:
Dreadblade harrows are a great hero choice. Take them as your general and teleport units about and give him ruler of the spirit host

Not really looked much at them to be fair.
I thought the teleporting only worked for them though and wasn’t for other units.
Made in dk
Guardsman with Flashlight

The teleport for the harrows is just for them, but they can take a warlord power that lets them teleport another unit to them.

Inexperience is not a permanent condition. Stupidity is!

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