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Made in gb
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Kildare, Ireland

We played a Company level engagement last night, in further tests as we play out the different game sizes on a 6 x 4 table.

At 750 points, the company level is the middle point setting and you get a good bit of stuff for your points. Also you still get room to manoeuvre on the table too. Was a good game, bad luck for the BAOR sealed their fate despite plenty of helicopter support arriving.

My 750 Point Soviet Force was…

Forward Screen

Dug in MR Platoon with MG and ATGM support

Armoured car patrol of 2 x BRDMs

2 x MR Recce Patrols of BMP1s with MR Squad

AA Battery

Spetsnaz Team

Forward Observer


T80 Tank Company

Main Force

MR Platoon in BMP1s

Battlegroup Commander in T80

T55 with mine plough

AT Battery with BRDMs and Konkurs

2S1 Close Support Battery

120mm Mortar Battery

‘Vital Objective’ special rule

 Strombones wrote:
Battlegroup - Because its tits.
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Dakka Veteran

Central Valley, California

I'm so stoked for this game, thanks for the post.

~ Shrap

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